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Using Video to Drive Human-Centric Decisions

LivingLens case study on using video to better understand consumers and improve engagement.

Editor’s Note: Every year, participants in the GreenBook Research Industry Trends (GRIT) Report survey vote for the most innovative companies in market research. In Insights That Work, these top companies share the real-life challenges and solutions of their biggest clients.


Brands face pressure to continuously innovate to keep up with the competition and meet customer needs. As consumers, we demand more from the interactions we have with our favorite brands; we want superior experiences, to connect, and to be treated as individuals. To thrive today, brands – in all sectors – are shifting to be more human-centric, understanding and engaging with consumers as people, on a more personal level.

This means market insights (research and innovation especially) need to not only address key brand and business problems, but also critically reveal what influences them, how they feel, and what motivates behavior. Marketers need insights to help them understand how and why consumers connect, or not, to their brand.


Throughout the product lifecycle, top consumer product, communications, and healthcare companies have made BuzzBack their go-to partner for 68 for rich insights to better understand and position their products for changing and unmet needs.

With video as an integral component to this strategy, BuzzBack selected LivingLens as its video intelligence platform partner, to both capture and analyze consumer video and images at speed. This partnership adds vital consumer context which is critical in helping marketers better understand their customers.

The BuzzBack LivingLens solution focuses on the consumer, with seamless integration of LivingLens with BuzzBack’s interactive projective techniques, making it easy to engage consumers, wherever they are in the world, in any language. The partnership supports BuzzBack’s mobile-first strategy and alignment with its new Swipe technology (think Tinder for idea screening), for more comprehensive learning that uniquely blends qual and quant.

Nestlé used a combination of Swipe and videos to evaluate new product ideas -– where consumers talked about how they would use products, revealing the “what” as well as the “why.”

Danone was looking to build a new pipeline for one of its leading brands in multiple countries – including Asia and emerging markets. Consumer feedback with Swipe and integrated video provided insight into how consumers in these markets reacted to new ideas relative to their changing needs, helping to identify cultural differences in the emotional response.


Video has proven to provide a deep understanding of how consumers think and feel, through layers of information including what they say, how they say it, their facial expressions and actions. This unstructured data helps to humanize feedback and delivers a heightened level of understanding into consumer behavior.

What we deliver to clients is much more dynamic with the integration of consumer voice and video. Insights are more powerful, real-life, and actionable when brands ‘hear’ and ‘see’ what consumers really think about their new products.” – Carol Fitzgerald, President & CEO BuzzBack

Visual content including video and images has become an integral part of innovation projects delivered by BuzzBack for leading global brands, such as Danone and Nestlé. The ability to easily and efficiently capture, decipher, analyze and share content is transforming how brands understand consumers.

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