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The Wall by Schlesinger Enhances Qualitative Engagement of Physicians

[Insights That Work - Case Study] Schlesinger Associates conducted rapid and turnaround of research on creative content targeted at physicians through a compelling experience to for actionable insights.


Schlesinger Associates was commissioned by Healogix, a marketing research consultant to the pharmaceutical and biotech industry, to deliver a unique data collection solution on behalf of a large pharmaceutical company. The client required rapid turnaround of research on creative content targeted at physicians. The client also required a compelling research experience and results for fast management buy-in.


Schlesinger provided rapid and on-target recruitment of physicians to participate in eight individual, in-depth creative workshops within one day at its New York City facility. When Healogix approached Schlesinger with their brief, the team made available its latest technology for qualitative studies; The Wall by Schlesinger. Schlesinger has discovered an innovative way to create research participant engagement, allowing researchers to deliver deeper and faster insights and this tool was an obvious choice to maximize the value of the time spent with these important recruits. The Schlesinger technical team advised on best deployment of The Wall for the workshop style study and loaded and tested the content in advance of the workshops.

Helogix leveraged the 190” dynamic, multi-window, interactive display which showcased a variety of advertisement stimuli. The Wall provided physicians with high-impact visualization of the creative concepts, allowing for dynamic, side-by-side direct comparison of the advertisement concepts. The respondents engaged at The Wall with the annotation and manipulation tools in both a freeform and structured way to show their preferences and share their responses.


The Wall helped make the study not only a win for the Healogix researcher leading the groups and the participants, but the clients watching as well: The agency and the markets viewed the groups. There was full engagement both sides of the mirror. This was a new experience for the client and led to ideas generation on-site.

This approach allowed the moderator to be animated throughout the session. Tim Edbrooke, President of Healogix said, Physician engagement was remarkable. The physicians spent fifty-five minutes of the hour on their feet engaged with the Wall, evaluating concepts quickly and easily. They were more ebullient and more eloquent.” The moderator was able to capture the ‘voice of customer’ through annotation directly onto the content.

Being engaged at the time of the research and seeing the interaction, allowed for client decisions to be made more quickly. Summing up, Tim Edbrooke said, We had never viewed a group that was so engaged. Our client was able to move quickly from the report, which included data straight from The Wall, to fast buy-in from their team and campaign launch. The project took only three weeks from commission to insights. We were able to meet the deadline and exceed our client’s expectations.”

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Sue Maldonado

Sue Maldonado

Executive Vice President, Marketing & Communications, Schlesinger Group