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OdinText Helps Award-Winning Hospitals Optimize Processes and Drive Employee Engagement

[Insights That Work] OdinText conducted experiments for Greene Memorial Hospital and Soin Medical Center using employee feedback to identify key predictors of employee satisfaction.

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Research Challenge:

Leveraging employee expertise and suggestions is an often overlooked opportunity that offers critical insights beyond customer feedback. However, analysis of employee data presents unique challenges.

Management at Greene Memorial Hospital (GMH) and Soin Medical Center (SMC), part of the award-winning Kettering Health Network, wanted to increase employee engagement and needed to know which areas if addressed would have the most impact. The management team had staff feedback given by 1,300 employees and spanning two years. A problem common to employee surveys is that questions are related to supervisors and other sensitive topics. Staff gives inflated favorable ratings out of fear they may suffer retribution. Open-end responses allow employees to respond in their own words. It is more difficult to conceal one’s feelings in an open-ended comment. OdinText was brought in to identify and transform staff feedback into key performance indicators. The management team wanted to know the topics that best predicted employee engagement and satisfaction.


Research Solution:

OdinText conducted several experiments to predict satisfaction from two years of employee comment data across both hospitals. Creating facets (a segmentation tool within OdinText) location and role segmented the population (e.g. physician, nurse, and administration). The analysis provided profound and actionable insights that empowered the management team to focus on the most impactful areas.

OdinText yields insights into the factors driving satisfaction (the “Why’s”) and measures the extent each element influences satisfaction. The findings show that helpful attitudes have the most significant positive impact on staff satisfaction at both Greene Memorial Hospital and Soin Medical Center. Staff care and support and patient care also positively influence satisfaction. Another positive is the hospitals belonging to an extensive corporate-wide network of facilities.

The leading factor depressing satisfaction is pay, which includes benefits like paid time off, followed closely by inaccuracies (like mistakes and faulty information), and change, which apply to developments affecting staff in various ways. It links the most powerful drivers of satisfaction— both positive and negative—among hospital staff to comprehensive factors that influence the work environment: how staff interact and treat each other, lines of communication, training and quality control.


Client Result:

OdinText identified 21 topics across the two hospitals that are significant predictors of employee satisfaction; nine were significant for GMH and 15 for SMC. The management team could prioritize the issues that move the needle the most.

According to hospital senior management, OdinText reinforces, at a far more in-depth level, suspicions about what is important. Specific suggestions uncovered by OdinText, such as the desire for more communication from leadership, have already been put into place, and the efficacy of these measures have been confirmed in the latest waves of data.

This is best described in the words of our client: “The magnitude and detail are amazing! This pinpoints exactly areas that we can work on. Other vendors just give us material, and we have to hunt and peck. For not knowing anything about our industry, this software is amazing! You know the atmosphere, what’s changing and what’s not… This blows me away.” Jeffrey Jones, Director of Human Resources, Greene Memorial Hospital and Soin Medical Center

If you are curious about your data, request more information from OdinText here.

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One response to “OdinText Helps Award-Winning Hospitals Optimize Processes and Drive Employee Engagement

  1. Thanks so much for highlighting our case. Feel free to reach out to us with any questions or if you’re curious what adding OdinText to your data will do.

    For those who want a more in-depth version of the case, the hospitals were gracious enough to share a slightly more detailed case as well. You can dowload it via our blog post here

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