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Math & Magic: How to Amplify Research Storytelling with Video

[Insights That Work - Case Study] Voxpopme gave a leading digital media company the tools to quickly and cost-effectively operationalize video in research.


Storytelling – the art of using words and actions to reveal elements of the story and encourage the listener’s imagination – has become a central component in the market researcher’s toolkit. Consequently, one of North America’s leading digital media companies recognized that in today’s data-heavy world, concise and artful storytelling helps decision-makers in their businesses. Stories drive customer-centric decisions by showing stakeholders the people behind the data.

As masters of media and technology, they already understood the power of video and its impact as a storyteller but had also experienced the challenges of working with this medium for research. In the past, numerous projects delivered access to only a handful of respondents while taking large amounts of time to record, analyze and edit the content. The barriers to video made it difficult to efficiently deliver compelling consumer stories for research-hungry, time-pressured executives.


Partnering with Voxpopme, the world’s leading end-to-end video insight platform gave this digital content powerhouse an opportunity to operationalize video in research. Voxpopme enabled them to integrate video open-ends into new and existing surveys while leveraging the platform’s powerful video analytics and editing tools to analyze and share custom showreels very quickly. And with an audience of over a billion consumers across multiple brands, there is certainly no shortage of stories that need to be heard.

“Storytelling techniques for research have always lent themselves to video, but typically it’s been a time-consuming, cumbersome medium,” says the Director of Consumer Insights at the company. “Working with Voxpopme makes video an efficient solution that enriches feedback by adding context to ratings and provides us with more data, more stories and more value.”


Video open-ends delivered over 5-times more information than traditional text responses. Ultimately, video proved to be a powerful medium for research storytelling, helping the consumer insight team to share consumers’ stories and ultimately drive deeper understanding and research engagement among key stakeholders.

Voxpopme’s technology solved many of the historical challenges of working with video, making it easier than ever for researchers of different disciplines to embrace video in digital storytelling. Several Research Managers were included in the test – meticulously tracking the time spent to create a 3-minute sizzle reel using the Voxpopme platform and comparing that to traditional processes (notes, followed by several sessions with video editing software). The results were dramatic. Analysis and showreel creation, which once took a week or more, were completed in just a day or two.

Not only this, a company well versed in technology learned how quickly and easily they can implement and operationalize video to make it an accessible research solution for any future study – essentially giving the research team access to real human stories whenever they need them to enrich storytelling in the business.

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