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Leading CPG Company Uses LIVE Mobile Video to Uncover Value Drivers & Increase Cross-Category Purchasing for Their Brand

Establishing and maintaining brand loyalty is a major challenge for many companies. Learn how to apply modern methods, deep and active listening, cross-industry experience and intelligent analysis for your business.

Editor’s Note: Insights That Work is a showcase of how the GRIT Top 50 Most Innovative Suppliers create solutions to some of the biggest challenges in insights today. This year’s edition provides case studies on brands like Nestle, Shell, Frito-Lay, and more.


The stakes have never been higher for large CPG companies. Brand loyalty has declined over time, threats from emerging brands and private labels have increased, and this has culminated in a fierce competition over the share of wallet.

When a mega-brand team at a global food manufacturer needed guidance on how to improve brand loyalty and purchasing across product categories, SIVO Insights, global insights and strategy firm, enlisted QualSights as its research partner. SIVO Insights’ expertise lies in uncovering compelling insights and designing effective brand strategies, all through a combination of modern methods, deep and active listening, cross-industry experience and intelligent analysis. QualSights was a perfect complement providing an authentic voice of customer insights through mobile video, AI-automation and integrated data analysis across multiple qualitative research methodologies.


Innovative Tech + Human Capital: Through QualSights, SIVO Insights gave the brand team a virtual lens inside grocery stores and homes all over the nation in mere days. Measurably faster capture of research through participants’ smartphones and AI-automation that prepped the data for analysis provided the team with quick answers while saving time and money (think of it: no research travel expenses while still building empathy firsthand)!

SIVO Insights simulated in-person shopalongs through QualSights’ LIVE mobile video capabilities, remotely observing and probing participants, in real-time, while they were in-store. Meanwhile, a mobile diary with video activities provided insight into at-home product usage, allowing the team to build deeper empathy and a high-IQ method that opened the doors for Aaron’s to inject a compelling EQ into its approach.

Speed to Insight: Timing was critical for the brand team to grow cross-purchase sales in key categories. Utilizing participants’ smartphones to remotely capture research across the country and AI-automation for a head start on an analysis provided the fastest possible turnaround time.

Depth of Insight: Reliable insights are the result of understanding nuanced purchase motivations and usage behaviors. QualSights is the only platform offering LIVE and interactive video through a mobile device, yielding fully authentic, in-context consumer insights without being there in-person.


QualSights helped SIVO Insights deliver exactly what their client needed, in record time. Fast, agile insights that didn’t sacrifice deeper level understanding were possible through remote observation, LIVE/interactive video and AI-automation that allowed SIVO Insights to spend less time on video coding and more time on deeper analysis. During the final strategic 27 impact sessions with the client, QualSights’ AI-automation and video editing capabilities allowed SIVO Insights to easily build compelling highlight reels that brought key insights to life for the brand team:

  • Across product categories, Common Themes have identified that influence whether or not the brand was noticed and chosen. This highlighted specific actions the brand could take to win across product categories.
  • A Consumer Needs and Values Framework was used by the Brand team to begin making specific changes to their products and strategies. It illuminated category opportunities which equipped them with the strategic insight to drive sales.

“QualSights’ LIVE mobile video capability offered a unique window into our shoppers’ streams of consciousness. Hearing responses revealed through this method allows for truly unfiltered, authentic insights.” – Marilyn Weiss, Chief Innovation Officer/Co-Founder, SIVO Insights

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Sean Fallon, & Marilyn Weiss

QualSights & SIVO Insights