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Influence Mapping

To improve engagement, understanding the consumer is crucial. Read on to see how a health informatics provider utilized influence mapping to both better understand their consumer base and improve engagement.

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A national health informatics provider was looking to enhance engagement with their products and services, in ways most relevant to their users. To achieve this goal, this organization needed to better understand their customers, how they are influenced, and the key decision-making processes across the health system.


At Fresh Squeezed Ideas, we use a multi-disciplinary approach combining Anthropology, Organizational Psychology, Business Design, and Brand Strategy. For this client’s challenge, we used an iterative approach to research design that enabled us to produce two key deliverables:

1. Develop personas to better characterize different stakeholders’ and users’ roles and informational needs across the health care system, including regional and localized nuances.

2. Map the process of influence, highlight the various factors that influence how key stakeholders and groups of user work together and reveal how they use data products and services to inform and impact decision-making processes.

Through in-depth ethnographic interviews across the country, we uncovered pathways and patterns of influence which allowed us to develop a generalizable Influence Map framework and preliminary personas. By using an iterative approach to research design, we were able to test and refine our findings to ensure that we captured regional-specific nuances with respect to key touchpoints and breakpoints along pathways and channels of influence, incorporating these findings into an actionable influence map and personas that were responsive to localized needs.

We translated our rich insights into three key deliverables: Influence Map, Personas, Rules of Engagement Playbook. Influence Map depicts how different stakeholders and groups of users influence one another and the power that different relationships hold. The map demonstrates where the power of influence lies within each type of health organization, along with the direction of influence, and key moments in decision-making processes. The map also illustrates where and when to concentrate engagement efforts. Ethnographic research revealed four key Personas that bring together users with similar functions and needs. For each persona, two to three profiles were developed. These profiles outline the persona’s role(s), responsibilities, the tools they use, their key relationships, challenges they face, the timelines they follow, the format they prefer assets to come in, the channels of communication they use, the best tone to use in communicating with them, and regional caveats. The Rules of Engagement Playbook brings findings together across phases of research to outline key design principles to follow when communicating and engaging with a persona.


By providing a deep understanding of ecologies of relationships that took into account patterns and pathways of influence and key moments in decision-making cycles and decision-making processes, we were able to provide the client with impactful tailored tools to help enhance engagement with their products and services, enabling them to strategically target key groups of stakeholders and users in the most relevant ways.

“I found this extremely valuable. This could fundamentally change the way we do business.” –Client Representative

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Emily Simmonds, PhD(c) & Hallie Wells PhD

Emily Simmonds, PhD(c) & Hallie Wells PhD

Fresh Squeezed Ideas