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Enabling Better Business Decisions Through Real-Time Conversations

[Insights That Work - Case Study] used live video technology to help global clients increase consumer engagement and make better business decisions.

In the race for “customer obsession,” effective tools for consumer engagement are an imperative. Traditional methodologies for consumer engagement have become too time consuming, expensive, and too often locked in the silo of market research. Multinational brands are looking for partners and tools that are scalable, affordable alternatives. The reason? The need to make better, more time-sensitive business decisions based on real-time, global, consumer connections.’s platform utilizes live video technology that is increasingly familiar and unobtrusive to consumers, who use apps like FaceTime and Skype in their daily lives. Conversations, therefore, come naturally and consumers share more authentically.

Clients are taking advantage of the platform’s best-in-breed capabilities to capture and store, interrogate, and replay video-based insights, distilled from conversations across a universe of global consumers. Below are some examples of how they use the technology for better business decision making.


One Telecommunications client is redefining who has direct contact with consumers. Insights teams lead, deploying the platform to engage in real-time conversations with consumers. Then, in waves, the Insights Team is inviting stakeholders across the enterprise in Marketing, Logistics, Packaging, and even Invoicing, to engage as well. Result? Game-changing conversations with consumers that are informing innovations at every touchpoint.


One client in Consumer Healthcare has realized the impact conversations can have on innovation in communications and product development. While watching moms interact with babies during play, via’s live video platform, intimate nuances have been unlocked regarding what it means to “protect” while encouraging developmental independence. Understanding these observations has helped launch products, packaging, and marketing campaigns addressing the resulting insights.


Meeting a corporate mandate to drive engagement with consumers, a Global Beverage and Snack company needed to find new ways to connect with consumers to develop a more three-dimensional understanding on a person-to-person level across global operations. Introduction to through joint venture partner, Unilever, was enough endorsement to prompt them to to explore if there could be similar value to their family of brands, especially in light of their corporate imperative.

Putting a regional flavor on the rollout of the program, team leads in various units/regions have used’s technology to have conversations that would complement their quantitative and “big data” efforts. This has enabled an even fuller, nuanced picture of their consumers. What they thought they knew about their consumer, who had been previously segmented by characteristics of buying and consuming habits, was proving only part of the full story. enabled them to augment and refine assumptions about the “whole consumer,” uncovering the insights towards which the brand’s promises and product innovations could be guided.

No matter how much they individualize their programs, globally these business leaders have a consistent platform, enabling qualitative data storage and analysis, addressing the corporate imperative: form a connection with consumers that can be leveraged for decision-making, across stakeholders in the global enterprise.

Increasingly, brands are choosing’s live video platform to enable real-time conversations with their consumers. Similar to those of the examples we have described here, these companies are realizing the quantifiable benefits of consumer engagement in cost savings, decreased time-to-market, and more effective business decision-making across stakeholders in the enterprise.

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