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Beans To Brew: How Keurig Used Zappi to Add Value, Break Down Barriers, and Improve Their Bottom Line

Zappi helped generate ROI for Keurig's Coffee and Innovation department through efficient testing and automated presentations and reports, thus enabling Keurig to release new coffee flavors based on winning, customer-centric ideas.

Editor’s Note: Every year, participants in the GreenBook Research Industry Trends (GRIT) Report survey vote for the most innovative companies in market research. In Insights That Work, these top companies share the real-life challenges and solutions of their biggest clients.

Research Challenge

The Coffee and Innovation department at Keurig was looking to infuse brick and mortar with online experiences, release new coffee flavors, and continue to act on winning, customer-centric ideas. To execute these initiatives effectively, it was necessary to increase the volume of market research projects and the efficiency of the consumer insight department. Sarah Snudden, head of the Consumer Insights department at Keurig decided to bring on a market research partner to ensure initiatives were on track to garner positive results.

Keurig wanted their consumer’s presence at every stage of the decision-making process to ensure no missteps. They needed quick and accurate results to move from product ideas, to execution, to marketing quickly. In addition, the results needed to come fast enough for the marketing team to heed the results before pushing forward. Sarah hoped for a solution with central storage, detailed reporting, and easy-to-use presentations to prevent duplicate effort among teams and allow for easy access in the future.


Research Solution

With 15 years in the insights industry, Sarah Snudden had her eye on Zappi since they won the IIeX Innovation Award.

She was looking for a solution that would allow her to do more tests at cost while also saving her time. Snudden sought to automate the process of putting together presentations and reports so she had more time to conduct analysis, take on extra projects, and work toward strategic deliverables most insights teams don’t have the time or bandwidth to do successfully.

Here are some of the requirements Keurig had in searching for a research solution that ultimately led to them choosing Zappi to complete their research.

  • The product allowed testing at all stages from ideas to rough cuts to final creative
  • Pre-built questions, modeling statistics, and other geeky questions were done automatically
  • Questions were answered in under three hours
  • Layer expert opinions on top of complex algorithms for unparalleled results.
  • Expert partners
  • Allows Keurig Insights function to partner cross-functionally with marketing and other Keurig teams
  • Provides real consumer feedback and volumetrics
  • Helps it avoid testing for things its organization already knows
  • Drives data from survey straight into a downloadable presentation format, eliminating clerical work and freeing up time


Client Result

Testing has yielded stronger business results and a substantial lift in marketing engagement with the insights function. The insights function can quickly get data to substantiate claims and insights.

“I can do six tests for the costs of what it would take to do one.” – Sarah Snudden

In the first month of using Zappi, Green Mountain has run over 50 additional tests through Zappi’s platforms and plans to continue to run more. The speed, price, and quality of the results they’ve seen have generated clear ROI for the organization. Zappi has saved Keurig money, increased efficiency, and allowed the insights team to grow, do more tests, and get more insights. Zappi has a higher return on investment, has allowed Keurig to test through all stages of production, and has helped products grow and flourish in today’s marketplace.

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