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The Newest Edition of the GRIT Report is Here!

Get your copy of the newest GRIT Report to find out where the market research and insights industry stands-and where it's going.

The 24th edition of the GreenBook Research Industry Trends Report, using data collected in Q3 & Q4 of 2018 is here! You can also access all of the data, an awesome infographic of the Executive Summary, and the KnowledgeHound portal.

You can access everything here.

Welcome to the 24th edition of the GreenBook Research Industry Trends Report, using data collected in Q3 & Q4 of 2018.

Perhaps more than ever before, GRIT is emblematic of both the need and the challenge of the market research industry. The need to provide clear direction for key stakeholders via the research process only continues to grow in importance, and part of the way to do that is via looking at trends over time. However, the survey as an instrument, especially a large tracker like GRIT, is becoming increasingly challenging to field.

In preparing for this wave of the study, issues with balancing form factor considerations (mobile vs. desktops), keeping respondent engagement high, ongoing optimization of question design, and of course the tension between tracking questions and new areas we want to explore on length of interview are real challenges that impact not just us, but the industry as a whole. We feel your pain colleagues!

What does that mean for this report? Well, one is a slightly smaller base size than previous waves, although it is still large enough that the study is more than simply directional, while being shy of what we would call entirely representative. However, GRIT has always walked that line, so that is not a significant issue.

Perhaps a more important question is what does it mean for the future? We’re examining that now, and although we don’t have clear answers yet, it is safe to say that GRIT will continue to evolve and in the years ahead we’ll continue to be “in the trenches” with the rest of the industry to adapt to the same changes impacting us all.

Now, on to the “good stuff”! In this edition, we explore a variety of topics, some new and some that our readers have already come to depend on GRIT to cover. These include: adoption of emerging methods, the use of traditional methods, satisfaction levels with suppliers, the drivers of supplier selection, investment priorities for researchers, the financial outlook and projected spending, the evolving role and activities of researchers, buzz topics such as automation or AI, and the next iteration of our industry benchmark. All “meat and potatoes” topics that the industry can use to help provide strategic direction in the year ahead.

Also, new in this edition is the debut of the GRIT Future List, a crowdsourced submission process but expert curated and judged list of those researchers who are making a real impact now and should be watched as industry leaders in the future.

The result of all this? A report that we think is insightful, impactful, and actionable just like any good research report should be.

GRIT is a community effort and our authors, commentary providers, sample partners, advertisers, and most especially research partners make it all possible. Special thanks go out to the organizations who helped with data collection and analysis: AYTM – Ask Your Target Market, Deckchair Data, Gen2 Advisors, Infotools, Ipsos Neuro and Behavior Science, Lightspeed, Nelson Whipple Consulting, NewMR, OfficeReports, Potentiate, Research Now, Researchscape International, Stakeholder Advisory Services, and students from the Michigan State University MMR program.

As always, I think you will find the story this report is telling (with your help!) informative, and useful. Enjoy!


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