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GRIT Report for Q3 – Q4 2015 Is Here: Download It Now!

Welcome to the newest edition of the GreenBook Research Industry Trends Report for Q3-Q4 2015.

Welcome to the newest edition of the GreenBook Research Industry Trends Report, the leading and most comprehensive survey of the market research industry. This report uses data collected in Q3-Q4 of 2015.

This edition of the report shines a bright light on the massive transformation taking place in the market research industry. We focus on unraveling the perceptions and implications of this radical change, while offering insight into the skills and technologies predicted to fuel the research industry of the future.

Highlights From This Edition 

  • The Age of Pure Qual of Quant is Over: Learn how the evolution of our industry is changing the mix of core methodologies.
  • Panel Provider Satisfaction: Are panel providers meeting the needs of their clients? How satisfied are researchers with the service they’re receiving?
  • Research Adoption of Mobile: Is it clients or suppliers who are driving the change towards mobile-enabled survey design?
  • Client and Supplier Technology Adoption: We explore what technologies have the highest rate of adoption and which are stagnating or still emerging.
  • Most In-Demand Skills: The demand for data-driven skills is transforming our business and human capital needs. Find out exactly what skills are the most valuable.
  • The Call for Change: Are companies feeling the pressure to transform their businesses? How optimistic are companies regarding their emergence and survival through the impending changes?

The infographic executive summary below adds more depth to these highlights, but the report itself is over 70 pages jam packed with insights, so download it here:

Want to dive deeper into the results? Join Ray Poynter, a panel of experts, and I on December 10th for a live webinar where we’ll discuss the key findings of the GRIT report and their implications on your business. Click here for more information and to sign up.

As always, we think you’ll find the report informative, provocative, and useful.



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6 responses to “GRIT Report for Q3 – Q4 2015 Is Here: Download It Now!

  1. Unlike other transitions which occurred rather rapidly, mobile has failed to replace other types of research which is no surprising given their brevity for compliance and the fact that the appetite for surveys among researchers and consumers is waning.

    With the ability for consumers to use search engines to stratify choices and ultimately to narrow down purchase factors, how much more do you really need? It tells you in real time how the choices are made. That leaves front end research innovation as key areas for growth.

    The loyalty issues are pretty well covered in analytics and the reactions so rapid that miscues can be dealt with immediately and for smart companies with direct interaction. I actually had both Land’s End and Amazon interact online with me on out of stocks and delays with resolution before the sale was final. That is impressive.

    Given that, it is not hard to figure out why qualitative is showing strong performance. The piece that is missing in research is the connection between newer and more rapid ways to innovate and the measurements of those values. Right now, it is mostly Kickstarter. Consumers love to experiment ,and even more to be selected for exclusive trials. Why not leverage that opportunity? If we can keep the incentives at bay, we have an opportunity to do what we didn’t do in online research.

    Even more interesting, we can find people who have different objectives and can create respect and brand preference for products and organizations who listen. That’s the real key to research. We need to listen, not just execute. Personally, I don’t think we can ever quantify how people think because it’s often not logical and it certainly doesn’t fall in line with demographics.

    Why not relax our thoughts on the buyer and instead focus on what differentiates one product or service from another? The one thing that is for sure is that customers bring new customers, especially in a hyper connected and visual market. Instagram, Pinterest and other media are more valuable than a lot of traditional advertising because they hand deliver a message in the voice of the consumer.

    The world is changing and it’s time to see things from a new perspective. Investment isn’t the same as loyalty but it both leads to loyalty and defines it, thus is may be more valuable than loyalty alone.

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