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The Nobel of Market Research Innovation

This years' NGMR (Next Gen Market Research) Award Nominations are due in just under 2 weeks. Have you submitted your nominations yet?


This years’ NGMR (Next Gen Market Research) Award Nominations are due in just under 2 weeks. Founded three years ago and given away at one of the largest market research events annually (TMRE in Boca Raton FL this year), the awards have quickly become one of the most coveted in our industry in terms of validating methodologically sound and useful innovation within the insights arena, sort of the Nobel Prize for market researchers if you will.

Well, maybe that is a bit of hyperbole, but it is still a very cool effort and deserves support! Regular readers know that I have a passion for innovation in our space and I am thrilled to see others doing things to recognize it as well.

I reached out to NGMR’s founder Tom H. C. Anderson and asked him what he expects to see this year. “It’s been a bit different every year so far” said Tom, “While we always like to see more client side nominations such as that from winner 3M two years ago, we do tend to get a lot more good submissions from the supplier side.”

I highly encourage market researchers to consider submitting a nomination for interesting work they’ve done. NGMR also accepts submissions for individuals who have contributed to pushing the industry forward. It’s very important to recognize these individuals in this critical time for market research.

Winners are selected by the NGMR Board of Advisors. To find out more about the NGMR Awards and how to submit a nomination please visit the NMGR blog here.

Good luck!

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