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Real-Time Cross-Media Measurement

Handle the management of a cross-media campaign through research, and better optimize programs. Learn how PHD Global Business utilized cross-media management to their benefit.

Editor’s Note: Insights That Work is a showcase of how the GRIT Top 50 Most Innovative Suppliers create solutions to some of the biggest challenges in insights today. This year’s edition provides case studies on brands like Nestle, Shell, Frito-Lay, and more.


PHD Global Business, a worldwide media agency, was seeking to measure a tech client’s cross-media campaign to drive consideration and market share for the brand in the premium computer market. The project ran across multiple European markets and focused on several key metrics such as brand awareness, purchase consideration, purchase preference, likely to purchase, recently purchased, promoters, and online ad awareness. A key objective was to understand the impact of the campaign over each of the brand metrics and identify how each media channel was contributing to the uplift and impact of the campaign. For online media specifically, the measurement methodology looked at how each subchannel performed within digital which consisted of a mixture of online (programmatic and direct), print, and out of home on digital sites in transport hubs and shopping malls.


Dynata’s unique cross-media measurement solution allowed PHD to evaluate and optimize the effectiveness of the tech brand’s cross-media ad campaign to gather greater insights into how a campaign is influencing consumers at all levels of the purchase funnel. Media was tagged and tested to track exposure across an entire panel to verify the raw impression numbers against the media server reporting.

The data collection combined with survey research enabled PHD to understand the effectiveness across all media channels, define the optimal media mix, and improve campaign performance. PHD was able to access detailed analysis through a bespoke dashboard for all channels used in the campaign to understand its true reach.


A 9% cost saving in programmatic media spend was achieved with the inflight optimization. Top performing digital channels were identified to exceed the campaign’s objectives. The research created an uplift in the overall advertising KPI’s to increase market share. Leveraging Dynata’s cross-measurement solution, we gathered extensive insights into how the cross-media campaign influenced consumers at all levels of the purchase funnel. Through the reporting dashboard we were able to see campaign results from launch onwards and make changes to channel and creative choices to achieve best media efficiency.

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Eric Sandberg

Eric Sandberg

Managing Director Advertising Solutions, Dynata