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About That Gen 2 Advisors Announcement….

Some of you may have noticed the press release today about the launch of a new firm called Gen2 Advisors that I am involved with. Here is the scoop on what this new effort is and what we hope to accomplish with it.

Gen2 Advisors

Some of you may have noticed the press release today about the launch of a new firm called Gen2 Advisors that I am involved with. I figured it would be appropriate (and probably expected) for me to give GreenBook Blog readers the scoop on what this new effort is and what we hope to accomplish with it. This is that scoop.

Over the last few years there has been continual growth in my consulting engagements as an extension of the partnership with GreenBook, advisory roles with different organizations, and involvement in various industry events. As a result increasingly there was a need to accomplish a few things:

  1. Streamline various projects and initiatives under one effort
  2. Create a scalable and synergistic business model
  3. Focus on what interests me and serves the needs of the industry
  4. Work with smart people doing interesting things that create real impact

So, about 6 months ago, a stellar team of colleagues was assembled to help pursue these goals:

  • Jason Anderson
  • Gregg Archibald
  • David Bernstein
  • Bill Weylock
  • Diane Liebenson

Gen2 Advisors is the result of that effort, and I am very proud of what we’ve come up with.

What is Gen2 Advisors? Put simply, Gen2 Advisors helps clients understand change and create solutions to harness it for their advantage. We do that via 3 approaches:

  1. Publishing frequent deep-dive reports on the topics impacting all involved in the “insights” business. The reports are actionable, comprehensive, and forward looking.
  2. Advisory services to work with clients to determine how their organization is being impacted and give guidance on what they need to do to capitalize on opportunities and avoid the dangers of status quo.
  3. Custom consulting where we work to develop innovative solutions, industry-wide initiatives, assesses emerging technologies, and work as industry change agents

On a practical level, BrandScan 360, LMC Group, and GreenBook Consulting have now been absorbed in Gen2 Advisors, and Gen2 Advisors is the consulting partner of GreenBook. A central mission of both GreenBook and Gen2 Advisors is to help researchers and other insight professionals adapt to a rapidly changing marketplace.  We see this relationship as very beneficial to all involved, creating special opportunities available in the near future to GreenBook clients and great new resources for GreenBook Blog readers.

Although I am a Senior Partner in Gen2 Advisorsand work on all efforts to an extent, my primary role in the firm is focused on the custom consulting practice as it accommodates all of the various relationships, efforts, and interests already in place while creating space for new things that will complement the other offerings of Gen2 Advisors and GreenBook. Some specific examples are the recent launch of GreenBook Enterprise Solutions, the Insight Innovation platform (more on that very soon!), Advisory Board roles, and interests in supporting new research approaches and technology. The bottom line is I’m now part of a team of partners that are creating value for the global insights industry.

As far as the GreenBook Blog goes, there is nothing but upside. All of the Gen2 Advisors partners and associates regularly contribute content or engage in discussions here and that will only increase in frequency. In addition, we’ll be using our knowledge to inform and enrich the thought leadership we always try to showcase here. Although I will be contributing to Gen2 Advisors content as well, GreenBook Blog will remain my primary “home” and I will continue to function as Editor as long as you folks will have me.

I hope you’re as excited as I am about this new phase of the journey we’ve been sharing for the past few years. In a very real sense if it weren’t for all of you, none of these opportunities would have materialized. I can promise you that GreenBook, Gen2 Advisors, and I take the trust you’ve placed in us over the years very seriously and our goal is to repay that by our collective efforts to bring clarity to the issues impacting you and your organization, offer sound counsel on how to succeed in the future, and by being change agents on your behalf.

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