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Distilling the Rise of CBD

The rise of CBD (AKA cannabidiol) has been explosive. Derived from hemp or cannabis plants, it’s being hailed as a “miracle drug” capable of reducing anything from anxiety, physical pain and even more severe conditions. But why has CBD become so popular recently? And what does this mean for brands?

View the recording to:

  • Uncover the drivers behind the growth of CBD — covering shifting societal attitudes, government intervention and the evolution of health and wellness
  • Explore consumer perceptions toward CBD — looking at consumer knowledge about CBD, their motivations to use it and their thoughts on its effectiveness
  • Examine what this means for brands — how do brands, big and small, successfully navigate this nascent and unregulated space?


Katie Gilsenan, Senior Trends Analyst, GlobalWebIndex

Sandy Livingstone, Corporate Sales Director, GlobalWebIndex

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