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Proving the ROI of CX: How Greyhound Turned Customer Feedback into Buy-In & Results

Many CX professionals struggle to getting stakeholders to turn their insights into action. The results aren’t pretty for anyone, especially customers. Learn how Greyhound overcame these challenges, re-focused the front-line and executive teams on the customer, and increased NPS by 20 points.

View the recording today.  We will cover

  • The 5 steps Matt used to keep stakeholders focused on the customer experience
  • How your survey design and analysis can hide or highlight what customers really want
  • Why you NEED a “beachhead metric” and other counter-intuitive strategies for generating buy-in


Matthew Schoolfield, Manager of Customer Insights & Commercial Analytics, Greyhound Lines

Alyona Medelyan, PhD, CEO, Thematic

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