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The Revolution of Activating Insights via Programmatic Audiences

In preparation for a product launch, Verizon worked with Survata to test creative messaging concepts against custom audiences that matched their exact advertising media plan. See how Verizon and Survata were able to tie in market research to improve the efforts of their advertising for this launch.

Register today.  This webinar will:

  • Teach best practices for doing creative testing that impact the success of a new launch or product refresh.
  • Deep dive into a use case where product messaging and their audiences are seamlessly taken from creative testing to advertising.
  • Outline how Market Research can be a driver of marketing in the ‘New World’ by turning consumer insights into action by activating audiences.


Dyna Boen, President of Market Research, Survata

Meghan Diesner, Manager, Consumer & Marketplace Insights, Verizon

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