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Differentiating Among DIY Platforms: What to Look for in a Self-Serve Research Provider

There are a dizzying number of DIY research platforms available, but many of them don’t live up to the hype. Learn which attributes to prioritize and get an in-depth look at how 1Q delivers on some of the industry’s most in-demand features, such as real-time reporting and geolocation targeting.

Register today.  We will demonstrate:

  • That “real-time” truly means real-time. Live results allow you to have immediate, insightful data at your fingertips in order to make key decisions quickly.
  • Our sophisticated targeting options, including geolocation capabilities. You can target respondents based on where they live, where they are right now, where they were, or where they will be.
  • How easy it is to reach your target audience every time, follow-up with participants as often as you like, and even create a custom community.


Julie Reina, SVP, Client Engagement, 1Q

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