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Market Research is Ready for AI – Are You?

Artificial intelligence has landed in market research, but as more vendors tout their AI capabilities, it seems as if the true definition has been lost. Join us as we demystify AI for market research, exploring how big data can enrich your research by uncovering unique insights about your customers.

View the recording.. You’ll learn:

  • What AI means in market research and how big data has become the fuel for marketing AI
  • How we marry behavioral and primary research data to bridge the qualitative/quantitative gap and drive true business outcomes
  • How Custom AI Audiences give market researchers real-time activation at your fingertips


Gilad Barash, Director of Analytics, Dstillery

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One response to “Market Research is Ready for AI – Are You?

  1. Hi Kristine-
    I was wondering when the recording of this webinar will be available? I found the presentation very insightful and have a project coming up that directly relates to the subject matter. I would greatly appreciate if you could shoot me an email back. Thanks!

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