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Critical Mix Helps Fuel NRG Growth

Critical Mix case study on helping NRG with customer care in a time of rapid expansion and growth for the company.

Editor’s Note: Every year, participants in the GreenBook Research Industry Trends (GRIT) Report survey vote for the most innovative companies in market research. In Insights That Work, these top companies share the real-life challenges and solutions of their biggest clients.


A global entertainment research firm, National Research Group (NRG), was experiencing rapid growth within their business and needed to ensure a continued high level of customer care throughout the expansion. They were seeking a single firm that could bring consolidated and comprehensive tools to their production operations processes. As project execution and operations are the foundation of any successful insights campaign, the NRG leadership team turned to Critical Mix for a solution due to their ability to provide full analytics and proprietary technology, coupled with a talented staff. Because both companies share similar goals and philosophies, Critical Mix’s tools and services were complementary to NRG’s objectives.


Critical Mix has always been dedicated to creating simplified solutions for complex problems. Taking a customized approach, the two companies strategized 71 together to develop a plan that aligned with NRG’s business and budgetary needs, while continuing to preserve the highly esteemed entertainment expertise that their customers had grown to trust. Given the longevity of the business relationship, it was easy for the companies to quickly identify a strategic plan of action. To start, Critical Mix created a global team of operations professionals across multiple time zones to ensure there was always a team member available and working when NRG needed support. As the partnership progressed, NRG began to “To start, Critical Mix created a global team of operations professionals across multiple time zones to ensure there was always a team member available…” seek full-service project resources, such as survey programming and quality control. Conveniently, Critical Mix’s CMIX tool was designed to give customers autonomy in their level of involvement in their research studies. Partners can choose to do-it-yourself, do-it-together, or have Critical Mix take on the full scope of the project. NRG was attracted to the full-service capabilities, allowing their team to step-in when needed or simply check on a project’s status. Based on NRG’s needs, Critical Mix was given the green light to design a versatile team, fueled by a 24/7 global staff of seasoned project managers, survey programmers, and quality controllers to champion operations for them.


Two years later and the partnership stands strong, expanding from what began as operations support, to now a dynamic team of ‘Mixers’ made up of dedicated business professionals in customer development, project management, survey programming, and quality control. NRG is fully trained on how to use CMIX and looks forward to utilizing the platform to check on quotas or edit survey questions while being rest assured that the dedicated team from Critical Mix is handling the rest. The full-service partnership has allowed the client to focus their time on growing their business and servicing customers.

This strategic partnership was uniquely tailored to our needs as an organization. It’s enabled our employees to focus their energy towards fostering new and existing client relationships without hindering their ability to meet timelines and expectations.” – James McNamara, COO, NRG

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Keith Price

Keith Price

Co-CEO, Critical Mix