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Unveiling Deeper Human Truths to Drive Smarter Business Decisions

Hall & Partners use LivingLens to unlock the power of video to understand what people see, feel, think and do in real-time and in real context. We share through some real-life examples how by easily extracting meaning from multimedia content we are able to help brands understand their customers to drive decision making and growth.

View the recording. You will:

• Understand how unstructured data is delivering unique insight at speeds only possible before with structured data
• See how this approach has helped clients like PepsiCo and eBay find new meaning in the voice of the customer
• Learn how video gets insight to have impact all the way to the Boardroom


Neira Hodzic, Account Director, LivingLens

Richard Owen, Chief Transformation Officer, Hall & Partners

Allison Hogan, Strategist, Hall & Partners

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