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How Nestlé Is Applying Agile Principles to Achieve Product Innovation Success

Product innovation success is essential for brand growth. However, identifying and combining the right ingredients to achieve that product innovation success is challenging – like balancing speed with rigor or empowerment with process. See how Nestlé successfully tackled this challenge by applying agile principles to their innovation process, ultimately empowering teams to be courageous and make confident decisions quickly to meet consumer expectations.

View the recording of this webinar to learn:

  • How to leverage agile principles and research methodologies to accelerate time to market and empower your teams to make confident, consumer-driven decisions.
  • The benefits that result from challenging conventions and norms for more efficient and effective product innovation.
  • Why cross-functional teams and collaboration can be the difference between product innovation success and failure.


Dawn Ferfolia, Innovation Consultant – Meals,  Consumer & Marketplace Insights, Nestlé

Wright, Director, Key Accounts, GutCheck

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