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Interview with IIeX Competition EU 2019 Winner Qualify by PY Insights

Lenny Murphy interviews Shruti Malani Krishnan, Co-Founder and COO of Powr of You, winners of the 2019 IIeX Europe Insights Innovation Competition. Thank you to our competition sponsor Dynata, for helping make this possible.

The Insights Innovation Competition historically has been one of the single most effective predictors of the “next big thing” in the insights industry; from the very first event when text analytics player Decooda won, to Zappi winning heralding the age of AI and automation to most recently Measure Protocol harkening in the blockchain age, the track record has been pretty spot on. At the most recent IIeX Competition during IIeX Europe last month, my bet is that legacy will continue with the latest winner: Qualify, part of the PY Insights product suite by Powr of You. Let’s call them the heralds of the Data Sovereignty era.

Powr of You® is a disruptive startup building a personal data marketplace. They have built an analytics platform that allows people to understand their online footprint and help them earn rewards from their data, all the while staying anonymous. They are also building a suite of connected products that leverage their core platform in multiple ways for various stakeholders in the insights ecosystem.

The holy grail of market research is to understand end-to-end consumer journeys, and therefore identify the right message, time and place to reach customers. Traditionally, brands have relied on claimed behavior with surveys and later cookies, and these methods are neither precise nor dynamic. Powr of You is taking a new approach to give insights based on evidenced, actual behavior. And all in a GDPR compliant, consumer-permissioned way.

They tap into accurate, granular data on people’s behavior across mobile, browser, social, lifestyle apps such as fitness, music, and e-commerce to understand their digital life and touch points in a single, integrated view. They help brands and agencies access hard measurement data with non-intrusive tech for mobile and browser that plugs into people’s daily life, and monitor in-app actions for key touch points such as social and lifestyle apps. Of course, they also specifically defined research applications for sample targeting and surveys.

Powr of You has a growing user community, and are also partnering with panel and survey providers to bring their opt-in research solution to existing communities.

As always with the Competition winners, I wanted to dive in for a deeper understanding of the company, their offerings, and their view of the industry so I sat down with Co-Founder and COO Shruti Malani Krishnan, and what an absolute delight it was. Shruti and her co-founder brother Keshav have not only built an exceptional model to empower consumers to reclaim and monetize their data, but also have taken a decidedly product-focused and business-issue driven approach to development. No surprise I suppose give her background as an Economist and Accenture Consultant and his as a serial entrepreneur and developer; they are seriously smart.

Check it out and I think you’ll become a fan just as I did.



At the end of the interview, Shruti mentioned some of the additional products that sit within the PY Insights suite and are designed to be business-issue focused solutions. Here is the current roster:

  • Snapshot: instant 90-day browsing history from desktop and mobile with details including full URL, page title, date and time of visit, time zone. From the instant data capture, we’re able to analyze the user’s browsing habits, services used, journey especially for path-to-purchase analysis and more
  • Snapshot Android: instant data capture of installed apps, installed date, and device identifiers on Android devices
  • Trail: passive tracking technology that allows to not only capture user’s browsing habits, also can capture in-depth details of their shopping baskets (product, price, quantity bought) on various e-commerce sites such as Amazon, eBay, grocery sites such as Tesco, Waitrose, Ocado etc. We’re able to configure the same tracking on other e-commerce sites be it consumer goods or travel or other product categories. We are able to provide the same via our mobile apps on Android and iOS, along with detailed Android app usage, browsing and location data. Users can also connect o other data sources such as Social and Lifestyle apps
  • Qualify: instant screening tech to help vet your sample based on actual browsing habits and installed apps. You can define search terms or sites or browsing category to screen participants for surveys, focus groups, qualitative or other research methodologies

They have also built some cool and intuitive interfaces within their platform, such as the search and filtering capabilities related to Snapshot:



I’m pretty certain history is going to repeat itself and Powr Of You is going to be another of the IIeX Competition winners that go on not just to great success but may help redefine the industry for years to come.

You can meet the team at IIeX North America in Austin next month to see if you agree with me.

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