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How Automation Leads to Market Research at 1/5th of the Cost & Time of Traditional Methodologies

In this webinar, we will discuss how do-it-yourself (DIY) tools and automated functions are becoming as qualified as humans with logic-based tasks. Enabling faster, cheaper and better research. We’ll also share case studies of how many companies are leveraging technology in marketing research to reduce repetitive tasks and ensure a stronger culture of innovation and insights.

  • First-time market research buyers benefit from automation making Market Research services affordable, while also allowing security and comfort from access to ‘best practices in survey design, sampling, and data integrity.
  • Enterprise market research users are using automation to ease the burden of managing their own research, as well as providing global consistency.
  • Market research suppliers are using automation to eliminate all repetitive tasks, such as, quality control checks and hours of PowerPoint creation.

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Chris Hubble, CEO, PopResearch LLC

Andrew Crow, Director, PopResearch LLC

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