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360° Video Facilitation and Curation Tools for In-Person Interviews and Focus Groups

Market researchers have been looking for ways to effectively stream in-person interviews or focus groups from an outside-facility location such as a hotel conference room, as well as within a focus group facility. CCam focus, a portable 360° streaming solution with video curation capabilities for focus groups, answers this need as a quality, cost-effective solution that requires no installation and can be used anywhere in the world.

View this webinar where we will:

  • Demonstrate how 360° video technology with built-in video insight tools can enrich the focus group experience and enable collaboration for a more impactful outcome
  • Explore the benefits of having a unified solution for data collection and analysis where you can stream, record, and curate your multi-media content
  • Walk through a case study of how CCam focus was used to assist an outside-facility focus group


Irene Bocca, Business Development & Project Execution Manager, CCam focus, Civicom

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