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Why ResearchTech is the Next Big Thing in Your Marketing Technology Stack

The need for innovative research technology has never been more important. Business is moving faster than ever and brands are having a hard time keeping up. Now, more than ever before, brands need to capture customer insights on a regular basis to help steer their decisions in the right direction

View the recording. This webinar will:

  • Explore why ResearchTech has been missing from martech solutions—until now—and will reveal the next big trends in ResearchTech helping brands nail their marketing
  • Explore how some of the world’s most influential brands are using video in market research to collect more dynamic feedback from their customers
  • Help you advise your marketing team on ResearchTech solutions that will help them create better customer experiences


Steve Mast, Chief Innovation Officer, Methodify

Kristin Luck, Advisory Chief Marketing Officer, Voxpopme

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