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Research Now SSI and RhythmOne Validate IKEA’s Digital Ad Spend

[Insights That Work - Case Study] Research Now SSI validated IKEA's new advertising campaign by providing brand recall and purchase intent measurement through first-party panel data.

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RhythmOne creates connections that matter between advertisers and audiences through a combination of differentiated supply, innovative technology and data-driven insights. Through their expertise and experience, they forged a global partnership with IKEA and act as an always-on partner in the UK.

In an increasingly complex media world, with budgets split across a wider mix of media, it has never been more important to validate spend by media channel. IKEA, like many, needed to prove that their digital ad spend was having the impact they intended. A request from their client for insight into campaign effectiveness led RhythmOne to Research Now SSI. The fast turnaround time and access to high–quality data made a perfect fit for the request.



By working with Research Now SSI, RhythmOne was able to tap into the largest, single-sourced panel in the UK to measure KPIs against controlled and exposed groups for IKEA’s first campaign of 2018. The forced exposed and control methodology was a perfect fit, helping to quickly identify consumers of the advertising.

In addition, access to custom-built reporting enabled RhythmOne to respond to the most challenging of requests from the media agency, helping them to provide the insight needed to optimize the campaign in real time.

  • Speed: With the campaign already live it was imperative to identify target consumers quickly. Research Now SSI’s first-party relationship with its panelists made it easy to get a response in the short timeframe.
  • Validation: RhythmOne was able to prove that exposure to the creative resulted in significant uplift in key KPIs including unaided brand awareness, purchase intent and recognition of the tagline ‘The Wonderful Everyday’.
  • Flexibility: RhythmOne needed to respond to complex reporting requirements from the media agency on the project. The custom-built reporting from Research Now SSI helped them to provide that insight in real time.
  • Quality: Access to first-party, high-quality, and richly profiled panel data made it simple to reach the right target audience as defined by the client.



Research Now SSI enabled RhythmOne to successfully fulfill the request from their client. Quick-turn, quality insights from the first-party panel data provided the answers needed to validate IKEA’s advertising campaign.

  • RhythmOne was able to prove that the digital campaign had a significant impact against IKEA’s top KPIs
  • Additional insights from the study were shared with the media agency to help them better understand the impact of the campaign by demographic

The results helped to not only demonstrate the impact of the campaign, validating the spend, but also provided insights which can be used to help inform future paid media strategies.

“Research Now SSI offered a very efficient and high-quality service. IKEA was particularly interested in measuring the brand recall and purchase intent after going live with the Bedroom campaign and Research Now SSI was able to get the study off the ground with very little turnaround time. This allowed us to feedback meaningful research results and optimise our delivery accordingly.”

– Will MacVicar, Senior Account Management Executive, RhythmOne

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Gary Laben

Gary Laben

Chief Executive Officer, Research Now SSI