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The New Shopper Reality

The behavior of shoppers is changing faster than ever, driven by macro-economic factors and increased levels of retailer innovations in both digital and physical stores. In The New Shopper Reality webinar, we’ll take an in-depth look at the dynamics behind these changes and how these dynamics vary around the world.

View the recording and to hear about:

  • How the major macro-economic factors behind changing shopper behavior will impact your categories, brands or stores.
  • The big shifts in shopper behavior (e.g. store repertoires, shopping trips, category importance, shopper decision making factors etc.), how they vary across the world and some of the big behavioral changes we can expect to play out in the future.
  • How manufacturers and retailers can tap into evolving shopper behaviors to drive innovation in store design, promotional programs and offers, and in-store brand execution.


Sue Temple, VP Global Shopper Insights, Nielsen

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