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Activating “Germ Hubs” to Drive Brand and Sales Growth

[Insights that Work - Case Study] Kantar's ability to drive a sales lift for Vistar Media's new product line proved the effectiveness of audience-targeted Digital-Out-of-Home messaging for product adoption.

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Vistar Media’s primary business issue was demonstrating unequivocally the power of their digital out-of-home and mobile media platform to generate immediate brand sales lift while growing brand equity for an Over-The-Counter immune support booster product line.

Kantar’s business opportunity was to help Vistar Media (1) define the precise consumer audiences that would be most responsive to the brand’s message, (2) analyze audience data to identify the best opportunities to engage with consumers, (3) activate those audiences at the most impactful moments of their day, and (4) measure campaign impact on brand awareness, foot traffic and sales impact to prove the ROI of the brand’s investment with Vistar.

Consumer’s daily routines reveal a lot about who they are and what they care about. Vistar’s geospatial data management platform enables their vast array of location and movement data to be combined with other consumer behavioral and attitudinal data to find meaning in movement. At Kantar, we create the most complete view of consumers worldwide – the way they live, shop, vote and tweet – to identify, build, and activate addressable audiences that drive growth for brands.


We combined Vistar’s geolocation movement data and on-the-go campaign delivery capabilities with Kantar’s leading brand research, audience insight, and campaign ROI analytics to define, analyze, activate and measure a portfolio of precision-targeted audiences powering a digital out-of-home and mobile media campaign for an Over-The-Counter immune support booster product line.

Kantar identified the consumer audiences most likely to respond favorably to the product messaging and creative by analyzing trillions of transaction records of actual, observed consumer shopping data of both target brand and competitive brand products. Kantar then identified predictive purchase affinities among target product purchasers and overlaid this data onto consumer attitudes towards homeopathic remedies to identify the highest probability of new buyers for the product line. The identified groups of buyers formed the foundation of the audiences targeted in the campaign.

The defined audiences were then further profiled with the overlay of geolocation and movement data. Kantar and Vistar used the data to segment the audience targets into smaller segments based on where they were most likely to be throughout the day.

Using these audience segments, Kantar and Vistar defined “germ hub” venues, deploying creative tailored to these environments, to reach the brand’s target audiences.


Campaign exposure drove a 13% lift in brand consideration and a 13% lift in purchase intent for the Over-The-Counter immune support booster product line, highlighting the importance of reaching consumers at multiple touchpoints to achieve sustained brand equity impact.

The campaign drove a 10.3% lift in sales rate among new and competitive brand consumers, indicating that the targeted creative messaging deployed in the campaign was successful in impacting the targeted consumers.

The sales lift study revealed that the product experienced a 7.4% increase in household penetration rate post-campaign, proving that the audience-targeted Digital-Out-of-Home messaging was effective at driving adoption of the product.

“Understanding who a consumer is, what they care about and where they are is essential for high impact addressable campaigns.”

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