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IIeX Past, Present & (Very Exciting!) Future

We are very excited to announce that next year’s IIeX North America conference will be moving to Austin, TX, April 23-25!

For almost a decade, GreenBook has been working to build a global platform to support and drive innovation in the insights space. It’s been a bit of an obsession really. We experimented with lots of different ideas, relationships, and models on this journey. Some of these experiments worked great, some were less than stellar, but all of have been wonderful learning experiences. But the one that has had the most impact was the launch of the Insight Innovation Exchange conference series.

IIeX was the brainchild of multiple conversations with colleagues from regions all over the world. We all agreed that the industry was changing fast, and if we didn’t start adapting soon, we could all be left behind. How could we connect the change agents, the visionaries, the movers and shakers across the entire value chain who were driving this transformation? Well, an event seemed like a good way to start. So, though we had no prior experience producing events, we decided to build one.

And thus, IIeX was born! In 2013, we held the first conference in Sao Paulo with 300 attendees. It was a collaborative effort of leaders across the industry who truly gave a damn about where the insights industry was headed and wanted to share in the conversation of how we would be innovating 5, 10, 15 years down the road. We borrowed liberally from other event structures that inspired us, such as TED and various business networking events, and mashed it up with some of our own original ideas to build something different and special.

The ecosystem we started building at that first event is based on creating unique strategic opportunities for many different stakeholders. IIeX is NOT just another conference; there is a much deeper level of engagement and a broader agenda with client organizations at play. To a great extent, IIeX is driven by working with those brands to develop the agenda and attract the types of companies they want to do business with. It is a funnel to connect business need with suppliers who can meet that need. They are there expressly to engage with new companies to review as potential partners.

We’ve also focused on connecting early-stage companies with potential investors and partners, so the disruptors of the future can grow to meet the needs of clients and partners in the future. We bring together the old and the new, clients and suppliers, the marketing insights industry and surfacing technology players who (sometimes unintentionally) are forever changing the world. Because we live in an integrated world in which innovation doesn’t happen in silos, we don’t focus on just one way that market research is changing. Rather, we set the stage for connections that help mash new technologies and ideas together, knowing that those interactions will help bring about the next revolution in marketing insights.

We have continued to experiment with format and topics while building upon the proven success of our “special sauce” that we’ve honed with every single event since 2013. The goal of IIeX was then and will continue to be to bring the newest startups, most cutting-edge technologies, and most disruptive ideas in insights to the evolving insights and analytics industry.

Today, IIeX is a series of 9 global events, with a total of 3650 attendees and over 500 speakers collectively throughout the year. If you attend an IIeX event and don’t feel overwhelmed by the possibilities ahead – I won’t consider that a success. IIeX was built on the principles that it takes collaboration, innovation, and honest conversation to move our industry forward in the best way possible.

In order to keep this genuine spirit of IIeX alive, we’ve had to do a lot of adaptation. Our team works 12 months a year to cultivate the best agenda, recruit the top speakers, and bring you the best events possible. As is true with every moving part in our industry – innovation takes a willingness to change, grow, and try something new.

With that in mind and the retrospective complete, I’m very excited to announce that next year’s IIeX North America conference will be moving to Austin, Texas, April 23-25!

After 5 years of hosting IIeX NA in my hometown of Atlanta, Georgia, I’m confident that this move will allow for even more possibilities of bringing the best of innovation to you year after year.

Held at the AT&T Conference Center, IIeX North America 2019 is sure to be the best yet. This new venue will allow us to bring new tracks of content that previous space limits didn’t allow for in Atlanta. The venue’s layout will allow for more insights leaders to attend year after year, so you have the opportunity to collaborate with the best and brightest. It will offer the capacity for more meetings to be arranged through our Private Meeting Program. The increased exhibitor space will mean vendors will have more options and bigger spaces to meet potential new buyers. Moving to the AT&T Conference Center means you’ll have more space to collaborate, grow, and innovate.

Moving to Austin means a breath of fresh air. You’ll experience new and exciting networking events. You’ll enjoy the sights of this quirky Southwestern metropolis, the sound of popular indie music, and tastes of good old Texas BBQ and Tex-Mex. And don’t forget – everything (including the cocktails) is bigger in Texas!

Most importantly, it means you can continue to count on IIeX to bring you the most innovative content in the industry, for many more years to come.

So strap on your cowboy boots and meet me in Austin – ‘cause we’re going to have a seriously great time celebrating the future of insights and the future of IIeX. I can’t wait to see you there!

Save the date for IIeX North America 2019 – April 23-25 in Austin, Texas. Travel details and Early Bird registration are now available.

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