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Experience the new NPS AI: Learn how to quickly simplify your NPS programs, immediately saving you money & your customers’ time – just like SONOS discovered

Turn a simple 2-question NPS survey into an insights goldmine. Analyze text responses faster, cheaper, and more efficiently. Employ AI to reveal hidden insights and avoid costly mistakes, which can produce misleading results when using traditional analyses.

We’ll showcase a solution that has been tested with many brands including Sonos. We’ll illustrate how AI coding of open-ended responses with CODIT.CO does in fact generate predictive power that surpasses even the most elaborate customer surveys. And, you’ll learn how the NPS.AI approach has the power to elevate your CX programs to another level with continuous, automatic evaluation of key drivers that enables companies to take immediate action on emerging trends.

Participants also get one-month free access to CODIT.CO and a complementary book ‘The End of the KPI-Illusion ‘ (pdf-format).

View the recording.  Here is what you will learn:

  • Is it possible to automate manual coding and achieve equivalent or higher validity?
  • How can we understand what truly drives loyalty – simply reported in a standardized way?
  • Can this framework be applied to other programs (e.g., brand tracking or product concept testing) that would also benefit from an AI approach to coding and modeling?


Frank Buckler, PhD. Founder & CEO Success Drivers

Maurice Gonzenbach Co-Founder  CODIT.CO

David Feick, PhD. Consumer Insights Leader Former Sonos, T-Mobile USA, and Yahoo!

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