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Growing the Industry by Funding More Research

Introducing four projects currently funding via Collaborata's MR marketplace that have capabilities to harvest meaningful insights as they relate to different segments.

Editor’s Note: Welcome to our next post featuring four insights projects currently offered on Collaborata, the market-research marketplace. GreenBook is happy to support a platform whose mission is to fund more research. We believe in the idea of connecting clients and research providers to co-sponsor projects. We invite you to collaborate!

Collaborata Featured Project #1:
“Generation Nation 2019: Defining America’s Gen Z, Millennials, Generation X and Boomers”

Pitch: To better connect with one or more of these four generations, (Boomers, Gen X, Millennials, Gen Z) brands need to fully grasp how and why Americans’ values are changing. To serve and succeed with one or more of these four cohorts, you’ll need the deepest, most current insights. Now, each year, this study tracks the impact of change, to give you the consumer intelligence to be fresh and relevant for your target today and tomorrow.

Deliverables: A formal report and in-person presentation. Data and reporting delivered through an exclusive Collaborata portal on KnowledgeHound, allowing your full team ready access to all deliverables and the ability to easily search and visualize the data (training offered by KnowledgeHound and Collaborata).

Who’s Behind This: 747 Insights, a boutique research firm with deep expertise of generational research, and launched Generation Nation last year. Quester brings its unique and valuable proprietary technology and sophisticated analysis and reporting talents to benefit this second wave of “Generation Nation.”

For more info on this study, click here.

Collaborata Featured Project #2:

“Understanding the Base: A Roadmap for Brands to Win the Middle of the Country”

Purpose: The 2016 election highlighted a major disconnect between what the media thinks they know about US consumers and what Middle America actually thinks and believes. This study will help brands understand how to better target all Americans with their products and marketing campaigns.

Pitch: This study will help build a foundational understanding of the unique set of needs, values and motivations that set middle Americans apart from those who live in major metropolitan areas. At the same time, the research will highlight key similarities between these two groups.

Deliverables: Formal report. Each subscriber will receive a report customized to their industry and tailored opportunity analysis on the “middle of country” segments for their brand that no other subscribers have access to.

Who’s Behind This: Fisheye Research is a full-service research firm that focuses on quality data with creative approaches. Its founding partners have experience on both the client and supplier side, working previously at Lieberman Research Worldwide and Sony Electronics.

For more info on this study, click here.

Collaborata Featured Project #3:

“We Are Family: Uncovering Opportunities in the Same-Sex Parenting Market”

Purpose: Same-sex parenting is on the verge of a veritable baby boom. Marketers and brands should avoid “one-size-fits-all” and “check-the-box” approaches. To successfully compete, you must understand and effectively tailor messaging to same-sex parents.

Pitch: This dual-phased study will provide meaningful and actionable insights on the messaging that resonates — or falls flat. You’ll learn about the similarities and differences in targeted same-sex and heterosexual parents; the nuances to consider in approaching the LGBTQ audience; and where there are opportunities for growth.

Deliverables: Formal report. Optional in-personal or web-based presentation

Who’s Behind This: Kompren Research was founded by two industry veterans, Ben Piper and Tara Forth. Kompren is dedicated to connecting clients to multicultural, diverse, and influential audiences. And as a same-sex dad himself, Ben is bringing expertise, experience and passion to this important study.

For more info on this study, click here.


Collaborata Featured Project #4:

“Segmenting the Millennial Traveler: How Millennials’ Unique Sense of Self Is Expressed Through Travel”

Purpose: We all know Millennials operate differently from their older counterparts, particularly the way in which they value “experiences.” Travel is a high priority for this cohort, who is projected to overtake Baby Boomers in travel spending by 2020. But while travel destinations and marketers may understand how Millennials differ from other generations, how much do they really know about the differences among Millennials?

Pitch: This study will reveal the intricacies of Millennial travelers and what they’re looking for from a travel destination, by segmenting Millennials according to their travel-related attitudes, expectations, and behaviors. Ultimately, these insights will provide you with profiles and personas you can use to more effectively serve and communicate with this all-important target.

Deliverables: Formal report; web-based presentation; optional in-personal presentation;

Who’s Behind This: MDRG, Inc. is a 24-year old full-service market-research firm focusing on the core market research disciplines of Brand Research, Customer Experience, Product Development, and Advertising. Employing their Whole Mind Approach™ to develop a research design that allows the segmentation of audiences based on both Conscious and Non-Conscious attitudes, emotions, and behaviors.

For more info on this study, click here.

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