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Getting Ahead of the Crisis: Integrating Behavioral Science & Cultural Anthropology to Prevent Suicide Among Soldiers

Although the US Military has one of the most robust suicide prevention program out of any global public service provider, the suicide rate of active American soldiers is almost twice as high as that of the general American population. One hypothesis from military suicidologists argues that, although the range of services available is impressive, their limited impact may be because of a lack of evidence-based insight on the factors that are impeding soldiers from accessing or resonating with these services. This work in collaboration with the National Guard will leverage Behavioral Science to effectively nudge soldiers into using the most efficacious suicide prevention program for their specific needs.

This webinar will demonstrate the research approach that will be taken to get ahead of the crisis and prevent suicide in soldiers.

View the recording.  You will learn how we will approach:

  • Mapping the High-Risk Soldier’s Journey from their decision to enlist, experiences in active duty, and eventual return to civilian life, through an integrated Behavioral Science and Cultural Anthropology approach.
  • Overlaying the Soldier’s experience from both a behavioral science and cultural anthropological lens to reveal critical areas of vulnerability
    and key decision points.
  • Identifying Moments of Influence along the journey, and uncover and understand
    the societal pressures, cultural forces, emotional drivers/barriers, and the decision-making biases that impact the Soldier’s behavior along the way.


Major Scott Edwards, PHD MAJ, MS, ARNG, Chief Behavioral Health Officer, Office of the State Surgeon, National Guard Bureau

Delia Jacobson, VP of Insight & Strategy, Fresh Squeezed Ideas

Mikayla Ford, Senior Behavioral Strategist, Fresh Squeezed Ideas

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