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How AI Technology in Surveys is Revolutionizing Traditional Research

Watch Jared Feldman (CEO & Founder at Canvs) discuss how NBC is using disruptive technology to understand survey results quicker, more consistently, and at scale — and how doing so keeps them one step ahead of the competition when it comes to pilot testing and cast analysis.

View the recording and learn:

  • When companies like NBC use innovative, AI tools to perform pre-pilot and post-pilot survey tests, they experience results more consistent results with faster turn-around times and more nuanced insights.
  • AI-powered surveys tools facilitate easier reading and interpreting of survey results with ability to benchmark and establish business norms.
  • Consistent, standardized results for open-ended responses support the sharing of trusted insights that are actionable, easy to explain, and easy to defend.


Jared Feldman, Founder & CEO, Canvs

Benoit Landry, Sr. Director, Program Research, NBCUniversal


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