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The Words Are Not Enough. How To Deal With Uncertain Attitudes That Influence Declarative Scores.

In order to reveal consumers’ attitudes most researchers use online surveys. In this webinar we will show you that asking questions and assessing the attitudes only on declarative level, however important, is not able to provide the full picture of people’s attitudes and thus it is less effective in predicting consumer behavior but there is an easy solution.

View the recording to learn:

  • How many declarative answers are provided without conviction?
  • How to better predict behavior with emotional certainty?
  • How to test emotional certainty in online surveys?


Michał Matukin, Chief Scientific Officer, Neurohm

Expert in continuous measurement of emotion and attention. Leader of Research and Development Department at NEUROHM, responsible for scientific rigor and quality. Head of cross-cultural research projects all around the globe. Speaker and lecturer at many prestigious conferences and universities. Experienced psychologist and researcher involved in application of new technologies such as electroencephalography, electromyography, galvanic skin response and eye-tracking to marketing field.

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