How to Implement Game-Changing AI Now to Meet the Evolving Needs of Brands

AI is making its impact on market research – making it possible to combine qualitative and quantitative research, engage hundreds of people at one time, and reduce the time to insight drastically. Learn how you can implement AI into your research strategy this year and impact your bottom line.

View the recording and learn:

  • How AI is changing both the process and outcomes of traditional market research.
  • The new ways of conducting market research that are becoming the norm that every researcher should be aware of.
  • Actionable ways you can already start implementing AI in your market research process for increased efficiency and accuracy


Andrew Konya, CEO, Remesh

Andrew Konya, CEO – Born and raised in Cleveland, Andrew was working on ways to apply super-computing to physics problems as a student at Kent State University when he developed a fascination for the human mind & shifted his focus to artificial intelligence. Since then Andrew has spent the past 8 years developing and applying artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to problems in material science, bio-sensing, image analysis, and language. In his free time he writes music, makes art, and works with the United Nations in applying AI to peacekeeping operations.

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