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How to Plan & Track Your Way to a Successful Campaign

[Insights That Work - Case Study] YouGov successfully measured the impact of television advertising campaign, tracking several key consumer brand metrics for each brand.


A major network running an ad campaign for a variety of its client’s brands wanted to provide results showing the impact of the ads. The campaign was scheduled to run over a seven-week timeframe, after which campaign effectiveness needed to be demonstrated along with insights and recommendations for future efforts.


YouGov BrandIndex helped measure the impact of the campaign, tracking several consumer brand metrics for each brand. The client was able to compare the brand scores among a target group of consumers who watched the relevant TV programs during the campaign period vs. consumers in general.

Adding the client’s brands within YouGov BrandIndex we were able to track brand awareness, advertising awareness and purchase consideration throughout the seven-week timeframe. Additionally, four brand attribute questions were asked of each respondent from the YouGov panel. By creating specific TV program variables YouGov was able to track the key brand metrics throughout the specified campaign timeframe. The client was able to evaluate the campaign as a whole, and also measure some of the key campaign elements individually to assess their contribution to the overall results.

In addition to YouGov BrandIndex, the network was able to utilize YouGov Profiles which provided an overall audience analysis of those consumers who viewed the relevant ads during the campaign along with those who were exposed to the campaign on specific dates within the campaign timeframe. By utilizing YouGov Profilles the network was able to identify their audience leading to the opportunity to target
and drive purchase consideration.


With the information provided through YouGov BrandIndex and YouGov Profiles the network was able to see an increase in the key brand metrics during the time the ad campaign ran. The data collected enabled the network to demonstrate to the advertising client the quantifiable value of running ads with them over the seven-week timeframe, provide insight around details and specifics of the campaign and give their recommendation to the client on how to plan for future campaigns.

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Ted Marzilli

Ted Marzilli

CEO, YouGov Data Products