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How Werkspot Uses Cint to Approach New Markets with Effective Data-Driven Brand Awareness Campaigns

[Insights That Work - Case Study] Cint created a "trend-barometer" to understand consumers and support Werkspot's new product launch campaign.

CHALLENGE is a Dutch online platform that connects homeowners in need of home improvements, to service professionals that can get the job done. After consumers post their job needs (anything from a small fix in the kitchen to full home renovations), service professionals who are interested can reach back with their proposals and answer any possible question from the users. Then it’s up to the users to compare professionals, check their customer reviews and decide who they want to hire for the job.

Werkspot launched its international label,, in Italy in 2015. Werkspot wanted to boost their company awareness in the Italian territory with relevant PR campaigns but needed help in understanding what were the home-improvement trends among homeowners in Italy. This is when they approached Cint to set up what they call a “trend-barometer”.


Access by Cint was the perfect tool for the job, giving Werkspot the opportunity to reach 757,000 consumers in Italy alone with precise and recurrent survey targeting across a period of six months. Each survey ran for about a week, targeting home owners aged between 30 and 65 spread across the whole country.

Access by Cint is a survey targeting tool (SaaS) that allows users to target and field to/interview 40 million consumers worldwide, all while getting your project’s feasibility and costs in real time thanks to our advanced algorithms. With Access by Cint, you can also target and create/manage any type of quotas, such as: region, income, type of education, age of children, car brands, and more.


Werkspot received regular datasets from Cint that were used to get an overview of trends in the home improvement market in Italy. Werkspot was finally able to answer questions like: how much money do Italians spend on home improvement, which type of home improvement is most popular, etc.

Additionally, each survey also had questions built around a specific theme (such as, postponing jobs in the house and how this could affect people’s relationships), so that they could use these answers to create a selection of thematic press releases that were then distributed to journalists and bloggers to create awareness around the Italian Instapro platform.

“Cint’s ‘Trend barometer’ research data is one of the pillars of our PR strategy. We have used it as a basis to create press releases, organise media events for journalists, create infographics, and more – all of which help our goal to become the go-to authority within the home improvement world. The resulting PR content generated from Cint’s data has been published all across the Italian TV, newspapers, lifestyle magazines and online media and has been vital to our brand building in the region.”

– Elize Brolsma, International
PR & Communication Specialist

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Jake Wolff

Jake Wolff

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