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JUST EAT Optimizes Advertising Through Quick Concept Testing

[Insights That Work - Case Study] Toluna utilized automated advertisement testing to quickly present diagnostic and actionable insights for a JUST EAT marketing campaign.


JUST EAT is proud to be the world’s leading marketplace for online food delivery ordering. Launching in 2001, JUST EAT now operates in thirteen markets worldwide, and aspires to revolutionize the way people order and enjoy food through the world’s greatest food community.

JUST EAT came to Toluna looking to conduct advertising testing amongst a target audience in Spain, but they needed results faster than typically possible through traditional concept testing methodologies. The window of time between advertising creation and launch was small, and they needed to test their concepts quickly to ensure they got the most value out of their advertising dollars.


Toluna is constantly seeking new ways to speed time-to-insight by investing in automation and new technology. PowerConcept is Toluna’s fully automated, real-time concept testing tool accessible on the Toluna QuickSurveysTM platform. This platform enables marketers to test and understand the overall strength of branding, product or advertising concepts in days instead of weeks, at a fraction of the cost.

JUST EAT believed in the approach offered by Toluna’s PowerConcept, and decided to test their advertisements on the platform. Their goal was to test the effectiveness of the campaigns to make a well-informed decision on which specific advertisement was preferred by their target consumers, as well as the key benefits they should address overall in their marketing campaigns.


JUST EAT leveraged the strength of PowerConcept to test two different TV advertisements that were scheduled to run on Spanish television.

The project setup was quick and easy and took minutes to launch through the intuitive wizard which automatically adds your concepts and builds the survey using methodology powered by Harris Interactive. After launch, JUST EAT was able to obtain results in a matter of days – 10 times faster than traditional methods – and was able to instantly begin to analyze the results. The C-level Infoboard presented diagnostic and actionable insights instantly, highlighting the points the JUST EAT marketing team needed to begin to take action.

In the end, there was a clear winner amongst the tested advertisements, and JUST EAT could be confident their advertising budget was being spent on an effective campaign that would resonate with their target audience. They were also able to identify which key benefits were most important to that audience, which helped them to shape additional marketing campaigns as well.

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Janice Caston

Janice Caston

Vice President, Global Marketing, Toluna