Using itracks Video Chat to Further Understand Consumer Segments

[Insights That Work - Case Study] itracks utilized its video interview software to gain deeper understanding of Anki's target segments to better understand what resonates with users.


Anki, a robotics and artificial intelligence firm dedicated to bringing consumer robotics into everyday life, sought to identify high potential target consumer segments and develop meaningful and actionable strategies for the future of two products, Cozmo and Overdrive. Anki partnered with Chadwick Martin Bailey (CMB) to develop a multi-phased research initiative to help them measure and leverage consumer feedback to develop and guide their marketing strategy and long-term product roadmap. The first phase of the study involved a quantitative portion that helped identify target consumer segments. Then to get a deeper understanding of who the people in each segment are, CMB and Anki conducted a follow up qualitative portion.


To interview a variety of participants across the US in a timely and cost-effective way, CMB conducted in-depth video interviews using the online qualitative research software provider, itracks. itracks software enabled Anki stakeholders to watch interviews in real-time and see the participants’ faces from the virtual backroom, which preserved the authenticity of witnessing interviews “first hand”. The itracks software made it possible to reach participants in various age groups and locations across the country in a way that was both convenient and affordable. Additionally, participants were able to choose their interview time within the online software, which helped reduce project management time while increasing participant show rates. itracks provided technical checks with participants in advance of the sessions to ensure webcams and internet connections were working well.

Kelsey Segaloff, Qualitative Associate Researcher at CMB expresses, “I enjoyed partnering with itracks because of the individuals we worked with. They went above and beyond to make sure we had the support we needed in order to execute the project seamlessly. From helping train our moderators to quickly troubleshooting any issues we had, the itracks team made themselves readily available. The collaboration made a huge difference on the backend and I consider them a trusted research partner.”

Phase 1 of the qualitative study asked participants to submit brief five-minute videos of themselves describing their interests and their mobile gaming activities. Next, prior to Phase 2, participants were asked to interact with their Cozmo and Overdrive sets.

In Phase 2, researchers used itracks Video Chat to conduct one hour, in-depth follow-up interviews. During these sessions, participants were asked about their favorite Cozmo and Overdrive features, as well as in-depth questions about themselves (e.g. how much would they be willing to spend on Anki products, their history with mobile games) to help further contextualize the Anki consumer profiles.


itracks qualitative software helped CMB and Anki achieve their two-pronged goal of gaining a deeper understanding of who their target segments are and what product (Cozmo and Overdrive) features best resonate with users. The segment profiles will help inform Anki’s future marketing decisions, advertising campaigns, product roadmaps and more. itracks Video Chat was instrumental in helping researchers gather a vast amount of quality data from participants, while interacting in an environment that was the most comfortable and convenient for respondents in a time sensitive and cost-effective manner.

“At Anki, we view the CMB and itracks teams as true partners—they helped us develop and bring to life a comprehensive segmentation for our two core products, Cozmo and Overdrive. CMB’s segmentation produced deep insights and the itracks team helped us tell the story through their video interview software. This collaborative, multi-method approach gave us a holistic picture of who our consumer segments are, helped us develop guiderails for our product roadmaps, and are informing our future marketing strategies.” – Jeff Resnick, Senior Director of Global Consumer Insights, Anki, Inc.

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