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How Quality, Human Answers Are Powering Transformative Brand Tracking Intelligence

[Insights That Work - Case Study] Lucid partnered with Morning Consult to build a robust brand reputation measurement tool that provides insights in real time.


Driving successful decision-making requires data (aka “intelligence”) that can be trusted and provides context and competitive comparisons for users.

Brand managers and executives have been searching for data that shows what their customers actually think about their brand and competitors. The sheer scale of achieving this has been the challenge – but one that has now been met by Lucid, for our partner, Morning Consult.

Morning Consult, a leading survey research and media company, wanted to create an unrivaled brand tracking technology that could be used by marketing, communications, and media executives to answer questions that delivered insight into:

  • Brand Favorability
  • Brand Buzz
  • Purchasing Intent

…all while benchmarking specific brands against their industry averages.

Simply speaking, they wanted to track the actual, real-time position of the world’s biggest brands, and in doing so create a holistic brand management platform that implemented their model of fast, powerful insights.

Scale and speed were two of the fundamental requirements in making this holistic brand view possible. Morning Consult needed to deliver 200+ interviews per day, per brand, for more than 1,000 of the world’s top brands. To do this day-in- day-out, Morning Consult partnered with Lucid to leveraged the full power of the Fulcrum platform.


As the largest programmatic marketplace for sample, Morning Consult knew that Lucid could ensure a pipeline of real, quality human answers. Lucid’s Fulcrum platform enables Morning Consult to ask daily brand reputation questions to more than 60,000 respondents per brand. Fulcrum’s management platform also allows Morning Consult to track and stratify the survey sample across key demographic and geographic targets.

This allows Morning Consult to provide executives with a clear understanding of how their brands perform state-by-state and DMA-by-DMA.


Today, Lucid enables the Morning Consult Brand Intelligence clients to quickly make key strategic decisions to improve their brands, develop strategy, and respond to a crisis. These managers can visualize their competitive standing, see their current positioning and align strategic initiatives with accurate data – all on one screen. Lucid’s technology is a key ingredient in this powerful infrastructure.

This partnership with Lucid has allowed Morning Consult to build the most robust brand reputation measurement tool.

“Lucid’s technology has helped Morning Consult become a leader in the survey research and brand management field. Their programmatic capabilities allow us to scale further and faster,” said Michael Ramlet, Morning Consult Co-Founder & CEO.

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Jordan Von Tress

Jordan Von Tress

Senior Manager, Communication and Engagement, Lucid