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Kantar Millward Brown Helps Client Get Unstuck

[Insights That Work - Case Study] Kantar Millward Brown used creativity and engagement to develop a brand value proposition for a global software company's new hardware product line.


A global company expanded its product line to include its own specially designed hardware to run its well-known software. The client needed to understand how to best communicate emotionally compelling propositions while also educating consumers on their expanded product offering.


To inspire the development of a new brand value proposition, Kantar Millward Brown – Firefly practice helped the client understand that their brand is the intersection of what their products are, and what their target audience needs, wants and desires.

Kantar Millward Brown approached this challenge through a 4-phased approach:

  • Phase 1: Uncovered insight into an initial brand value proposition territory being considered through the use of VideoVoice.
  • Phase 2: Gathered insight into consumers’ needs, wants and desires from the category through the use of our IdeaBlog methodology.
  • Phase 3: Obtained unaided insight into perceptions of the products through hands-on experience sessions.
  • Phase 4: Helped evolve insight areas arising from the previous three phases.

The first three phases focused on our proprietary Consumer Theater approach. While it was the most innovative part of this project, the combination of consumer-centric methods added to the creativity and engagement. Consumer Theater is a highly dynamic, theater-based session that taps into the power of improvisation to explore brand opportunities. Kantar Millward Brown has partnered with The Second City, the world-renowned leader in helping develop ideas through improvisation, to spark co-creation. The Second City performers created improvisational scenes building off consumer inputs around the territories we wanted to explore. Leveraging the power of improvisational thinking inspired new levels of engagement and creativity. Kantar Millward Brown – Firefly practice moderators continually debriefed consumer reactions to the improvisational scenes to explore which aspects of the ideas were resonating, and why.


Following the debrief session, four distinct brand values were developed, each expressed in the form of a written concept. This output is serving as “brief” to inspire possibilities for what the brand could mean for both internal and external audiences. The impact on the team’s engagement and focus has been tremendous. The client brand team now understands why the product exists in a consumer-grounded way, and the brand now has a clear path forward, leveraging the determined territory to better understand that consumers have no problem relating to the idea of achieving what others told them they couldn’t; consumers relate stories that are minor victories and major accomplishments with the same degree of passion; and consumers are excited to become the best version of themselves.

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Jamie Jones

Jamie Jones

Director, Marketing & Communications, Kantar Millward Brown