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How Hershey Canada Turned Agile to Win TV Audiences with Twizzler

[Insights That Work - Case Study] ZappiStore utilized agile methods to quickly and cost-efficiently test Hershey Canada's use of an OLV creative for TV with actionable recommendations.


Hershey Canada operates in a climate that requires the organization to lead with innovation and intelligent risk taking. When an opportunity arose to leverage existing OLV creative for TV, decision-making and implementation needed to happen quickly. The Consumer Insights team responded with agility. But there were challenges:

  • The confectionery category in Canada is undergoing a range of changes from competition, distribution, and consumer perspectives that call for brands to adapt their go-to-market strategies
  • This landscape has led Hershey to drive a strategic repositioning of one of the most well-known and entrenched brands in Canada, Twizzlers, to address the opportunity of a new consumer segment

The Consumer Insights team, seen as a knowledge hub within Hershey, was a key part of the process to come up with a new strategic direction and was involved in all decisions throughout the journey. In terms of the creative development, they were engaged to give feedback in all stages (from concept to animatic).

Traditional research approaches would have required a two to three week turnaround for feedback on the creative – but the Marketing team required decision making in less than one week. Decisions within Hershey are consistently made based on ROI and insight learnings, so the Consumer Insights team themselves needed to step-in with a disruptive approach to honor the Hershey culture and provide clear guidance.


Empowered by a culture that incites intelligent risk taking and challenges DIY approaches, as well as the status quo, the Insights Lead in Hershey Canada, Megan Harris, turned to Zappistore for a potential solution leveraging Zappi’s agile solution portfolio.

Tapping into the ZappiStore automation platform, the Hershey insights team was able to run a decoupled methodology with a turnaround in less than forty-eight hours. The methodology answered two critical questions:

  1. Could the 30 second OLV be re-used to address the media plan opportunity on TV?
  2. What creative changes would maximize its impact?

The tools that were used to assess these questions were Kantar Millward Brown’s LinkNow for TV, for norms and broader diagnostics, in addition to Zappi’s Creative Test for Video, for scene- by-scene analysis. With these, the insights team had the feedback they required as to how the TV commercial (based on existing OLV) would perform versus industry norms, and how it was likely to perform among their target audience.


Via Zappi’s automation platform, the results were delivered in less than 48 hours. The Hershey Insights team put forward a set of actionable recommendations for the Twizzlers’ OLV to marketing stakeholders.

  • It was decided that the OLV could be reused effectively
  • Thanks to the agile approach enabled by Zappi, it was validated that the messaging was inline with the brand’s strategic direction
  • It was recommended to cut down the creative into two fifteen-second TV videos to maximize its ROI

Most importantly, this process opened-up a new agile way for Hershey to respond to the challenges of the macro ecosystem, enhancing their decision making with agile methods that leverage learning but do not compromise speed or budget efficiency.

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Georgia Psyllidou

Georgia Psyllidou

Director, Digital & Marketing Analytics, ZappiStore