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Can Research be Right if the Participants are Wrong?

Help benchmark the views of qualitative researchers and share your experiences on research participant recruitment.

Share Your Research Recruitment Experiences

Effective recruitment and good sample quality are key challenges within the research industry, as the latest GRIT reports revealed. Clients and suppliers consider ‘being able to trust the results’ and ‘sample/panel quality’ as the most important factors in research study design (GRIT 2016 Q3-Q4). But the very latest GRIT survey found that 47% of insights buyers and 42% of research providers thought that sample quality was getting worse. Trust in sample quality within the industry is clearly low.

We want to benchmark the views of qualitative researchers on the current state of research recruitment to help us recognise and understand the challenges faced by researchers, to explore opportunities for improving recruitment methods within the industry and to improve our Behavioural Recruitment services.

We’d love qual researchers around the world to tell us their views on research participant recruitment in this 10-15 minute survey: Take the Survey

The report will be shared with all participants and one lucky participant will be randomly selected to receive $130.


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