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WIRe 2017 Gender Diversity Study

Take the WIRe 2017 Gender Diversity Study!

It’s been three years since WIRe released the results of our first global survey on gender and diversity in the MR industry. In order to track against our baseline data, and measure progress in our industry, we need your help once again.

Please help us out by taking 10-15 minutes to participate in our 2017 Gender Diversity Study. Your feedback is truly invaluable to WIRe and our industry! This survey is mobile optimized and can also be stopped and restarted if more time is needed to submit your feedback. 

Take The Survey

In this update to the 2014 study, we’ll once again be digging into understanding the diversity of work and people in our field—with the ability to measure against the baseline data we previously collected. We will also look to illuminate what progress has been made on improving and providing diverse and supportive work environments in our industry.

Many many thanks to Lieberman Research Worldwide for their survey design and analytical support and to FocusVision for their programming prowess, as well as to our corporate sponsors, ConfirmitFieldworkLinkedInFacebookHypothesisLightspeedFocusVision, Research Now and Kantar, for their support of this research.

We’ll be sharing the results of the survey in the Fall, including a presentation at ESOMAR Congress.

Please forward…. sharing this survey with others in the industry (both women AND men) will ensure we collect diverse points of view.

Thank you!

Kristin Luck
Founder, WIRe

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