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Q1-Q2 2017 GRIT Report Ranks 50 Most Innovative Companies in Market Research

The 21st edition of the GreenBook Research Industry Trends Report, using data collected in Q1 & Q2 of 2017, is available now! Included in the report is the “GRIT Top 50” rankings of research suppliers and buyers perceived to be most innovative in the industry.

I’m immensely pleased to announce that the 21st edition of the GreenBook Research Industry Trends Report, using data collected in Q1 & Q2 of 2017, is here!

This is the edition that features the “GRIT Top 50” rankings of research suppliers and buyers perceived to be most innovative, and it’s quite the list! In the infographic summary below you can see the Top 10 from each list, but you can access the full rankings here. Over the past seven years, the GRIT Top 50 ranking has become one of the key metrics many companies use to understand their position in the marketplace. At its core, it is a brand tracker using the attribute of “innovation” as the key metric, and we’re thrilled so many organizations in our industry use this metric as part of their strategic planning and marketing positioning.

In addition to the GRIT 50, we keep looking into issues surrounding automation, sample, and research budgets. The report also dives into the skills and resources needed for educating the researcher of the future in post-secondary programs as well as market positioning of the U.S. MMR programs.

Last but not least, we are unveiling the GRIT Benchmark, designed to give research organizations a set of comparison points against which they can measure their development and performance. Later this month, we’ll release an interactive online tool using these benchmarking data, so stay tuned for that!

This GRIT Report is based on the biggest sample ever, with 2,637 completed interviews globally. Although the sample sizes are still not robust enough outside of North America and Europe, overall – and in relative balance with market sizes – we are at a point where GRIT may already be more on the “representative” side than just “largely directional”. However, we won’t claim representability yet so treat the findings as VERY “largely directional”. In keeping with the spirit of transparency and collaboration, we are making all GRIT data available to everyone for further exploration via our partners OfficeReports.

As a research effort, GRIT allows us to “walk the talk” and, as always, we do better in some ways than in others. We feel the same pain that many clients and suppliers do in trying to migrate to new modes or incorporate best practices in mobile-friendly designs. At 15 minutes GRIT is longer than we’d like, but compared to many comparable B-to-B studies we’re pretty proud that we keep it within a reasonable range while also covering all the topics that we do. However, as always we hear lots of feedback from the industry on design, question areas, etc… and we appreciate the suggestions. For those who participate in the survey, we appreciate your contribution as we continue to fine tune the study.

And our objective? A report that goes deeper to explore the key drivers of our industry, offers better guidance, and helps chart the future as a strategic planning tool. We hope the GRIT Report is a touchstone for you and your team to understand what is happening, what it all means, and what you should do about it.

GRIT is a community effort and our authors, commentary providers, sample partners, advertisers, and most especially research partners make this all possible. Special thanks go out to the organizations who helped with data collection and analysis, including Ascribe, AYTM, Bakamo Social, G3 Translate, Gen2 Advisors, Lightspeed, mTAB, Multivariate Solutions, NewMR, OdinText, OfficeReports, Research Now, Researchscape International & Stakeholder Advisory Services.

As always, I think you will find the report informative, provocative, and useful. Enjoy!



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3 responses to “Q1-Q2 2017 GRIT Report Ranks 50 Most Innovative Companies in Market Research

  1. Thanks Lenny. I thought there were some very simple yet powerful takeaways in the reasons people gave for why they felt a company was innovative. I riffed a bit on that same visualization you have in the GRIT report on the NGMR blog over here: http://nextgenmr.com/grit-2017

    Scroll down to the second visualization in the url above. As Research Suppliers, software or services, I think we’re not thinking enough about what innovation means for clients. They don’t care about the buzz words, they want stuff that will actually make their lives easier and make them look good. Buzz words around technology don’t do that…
    Felt text analytics revealed some of the most interesting and useful findings for us right there in that question/vizualizaiton

  2. I think your “GreenBook” website is a fraud… even though I have completed the registry, it’s not possible to read the report published in Linkedin…

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