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What’s Trending on #MRX? Jeffery Henning’s #MRX Top 10 – March 15, 2017

Of the 5,177 unique links shared on the Twitter #MRX hashtag over the past two weeks, here are 10 of the most retweeted...

By Jeffrey Henning 

Of the 5,177 unique links shared on the Twitter #MRX hashtag over the past two weeks, here are 10 of the most retweeted…

  1. UK Teens “Fed Up With Brands Stereotyping Them” Research Live reports on a FreshMinds survey of 500 teens: brands should concentrate on improving products and services and not “try too hard to be “
  2. Research Methods – 14 Questions Before Planning Market Research – Mike Brown of Brainzooming wants you to ask your team 14 questions before your next #MRX study. Make sure to ask questions about previous market research, explore research others have done, anticipate surveys others might be doing, then consider preliminary research to
  3. Edward Appleton’s Impressions of IIeX EU 2017 – Edward Appleton of Happy Thinking People appreciate that this year’s IIeX discussed more qualitative techniques and included more new speakers. Five key themes were crowd wisdom, automation, artificial intelligence, implicit methods, and stakeholder
  4. IIeX Europe Was So Great, We’re Doing a New Speaker Track in Atlanta! – Annie Pettit continues her work to broaden participation in market research conferences with a call for first- time speakers for IIeX
  5. Rapid Growth Continues at Join The Dots as Revenue Hits £9.8M – Writing for Research Live, Robert Langkjaer-Bain discusses Join the Dots’ third consecutive year with growth above 25%.
  6. Remesh Brings AI Research Tool to Latin America – Remesh has partnered with eCGlobal for studies in South America and Central
  7. The Five Rs of Marketing – Nigel Hollis of Millward Brown argues that the Five Rs of marketing are Reach, Relevancy, Reaction, Resonance, and
  8. How Barnes & Noble College is Cracking the Code on Millennial and Gen Z Needs – Writing for Quirks, Lisa Malat, the CMO of Barnes & Noble College, discusses their student panel, which fueled almost 60 research studies and 100 polls. One key innovation that grew from this research were “Freshman VIP” events, which helped freshmen make their first friends at
  9. A Word with the Speakers for the Upcoming QUAL360 North America 2017 Conference – The conference will focus in part on “Big Qual”, “learning how to utilize large amounts of qualitative data”.
  10. CRM Isn’t ‘Dumb’, But It Does Need More Intelligence! – Writing for Sales Initiative, James Reid of Artesian Solutions argues that CRM systems need to get beyond storing static data, a la traditional databases, and incorporate automated intelligence gathering for a dynamic 360° view of customers and

Note: This list is ordered by the relative measure of each link’s influence in the first week it debuted in the weekly Top 5. A link’s influence is a tally of the influence of each Twitter user who shared the link and tagged it #MRX, ignoring retweets from closely related accounts. Only links with a research angle are considered.

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