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Encouraging Clients to Share Experiences at IIeX

Babita Earle from ZappiStore shares why she is excited to attend IIeX Europe.

By Babita Earle

Editor’s Note: Here is another post in our series where innovators and clients tell us why they are travelling to Amsterdam in February 2017 to take part in IIeX Europe. Here is Babita Earle’s story – you can find out more about Babita from here IIeX speaker profile. If you would like to submit your reasons for attending, email us you suggested post as soon as possible.

At IIeX I will be moderating a client panel, ‘The Future is Fast’. The aim of our panel is to bring together insight and marketing professionals from a range of Industries to engage in a conversation about how their worlds have changed and our changing. The panel will follow this up by investigating how we as an Industry can continue to provide value.

I am really looking forward to being at IIeX 2017, as it will be the first time I will be attending an IIeX event. Having been in the research industry for over 19 years, I am aware we need to increase the pace at which we drive change, disrupt the way we do things and ensure we adopt the best technology has to offer.

Networking and hearing from a group of like-minded individuals who are motivated by ensuring our Industry makes an impact in the smartest and coolest way possible is very exciting. The agenda for the conference has a nice blend of speakers from the leading digital organizations through to start-ups. I am sure this will provide a platform for a great debate on the future of our Industry, spark new ideas, leaving me inspired. I am also intrigued about learning more from organizations that are new to me but can provide a great opportunity for partnership.

My motto is to always learn something new everyday. I have a feeling I am going to fill my 2017 quota in the 2days at IIeX 2017

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Babita Earle

Executive Vice President - Strategic Partnerships, ZappiStore