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Scooting from San Francisco to Amsterdam for IIeX

Janet Standen of Scoot Insights shares what she is looking forward to most at this year's IIeX Europe conference.

By Janet Standen

Editor’s Note: This post is another in our series where innovators and clients tell us why they are travelling to Amsterdam in February 2017 to take part in IIeX Europe. Here is Janet Standen’s story – you can find out more about Janet from her IIeX speaker profile.

I will be scooting over to Amsterdam from San Francisco in February for IIeX2017, not just because Scoot Insights is going to share some stories about the power of fast-turnaround, real-time qual, but also because I learned so much when I attended last year’s event!  How powerful it is to have some of the brightest and most forward thinking companies in the research arena, all together in the same place at the same time, sharing their experiences, discoveries and techniques that have made a difference in so many diverse businesses.

Yes, yes, you can listen-in on webinars from afar, and you can scroll through any number of blogs on-line, but NOTHING beats the power of being there in-person to hear first hand what these bright minds have to say AND get to discuss what you’ve heard and learned with fellow attendees in between the sessions, not to mention the opportunity to drop by and see some key vendors at their booths, for an informal chat so you can decide for yourself whether there is real value in following up with them after the event to hear more!

I personally can’t wait to hear how “Unilever Knows what it Knows,”  “How Reckitt Benckiser Reinvented the Innovation (Research) Process,” “A Researcher’s Guide to Capturing the Fleeting Spirit of Youth,” and how Mazda leverages “System 1 Driven Brand Insights.”

Which, of the over 100 talks, excites you the most?  You can check out the agenda here.  Plan ahead so you don’t miss out on the ones that you really KNOW you will learn from so that you can take your new knowledge back to work and make better research happen in your organization.

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