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Looking Forward to Fresh Voices in Amsterdam

Danielle Todd of Relish Research shares what she is looking forward to most at this year's IIeX Europe conference.

By Danielle Todd

Editor’s Note: This post is another in our series where innovators and clients tell us why they are travelling to Amsterdam in February 2017 to take part in IIeX Europe. Here is Danielle Todd’s story – you can find out more about Danielle from her IIeX speaker profile.

The presents are unwrapped, and the final empty wine bottles have been recycled, but no January blues for me. Why? Because not only am I happy – like most people – to shake off the uncertainty and general horrors of 2016, but February signals the market research conference I most look forward to every year: GreenBook’s IIEX EU.

Terminology such as ‘innovation’ and ‘disruption’ are routinely bandied around in our industry, and it can be a challenge to seek out learnings around these themes that can truly progress and shape our thinking. But IIEX rises to the challenge and then some. In the inspiring and historic Beurs van Berlage in one of the coolest cities in the world, Amsterdam, the industry’s most enterprising minds meet, discuss and debate what we do, and what we could and should be doing.

Although there are many reasons to get excited by IIEX, here are three of mine in no particular order:

  • Fresh voices: The new speaker track established by Annie Pettit. Annie is tireless in her efforts to ensure everyone who has even the tiniest dreams of being on stage has a fair chance to fulfil their wishes. All submissions are from brand new speakers, and consideration was especially given to those who would normally be overlooked for a speaking slot, such as a junior or support role individuals. Finally, they had to fulfil all the usual speaking criteria for IIEX. As a young researcher myself (just about!), how refreshing to see speakers in junior roles or support roles embarking on their first conference presentation. I suspect this track will provide fresh perspectives and quite a few fascinating case studies to watch out for.
  • Innovation 2.0: Whether it be through increasing impact through automation, rather than simply talking about automation, or breakthrough implicit research technique, rather than speaking to the need to access System 1 thinking through implicit research; IIEX not only offers innovation as standard, but speakers who are not afraid to fail, and present practical case studies demonstrating disruptive thinking. Moreover, intimate roundtable discussions, like the one I’m chairing on the morning of Day Two, provide the opportunity for real training and tips on best practice for innovating what we do.
  • New connections over ‘old cheese’: Please forgive the in-joke, but a translation blooper that was supposed to say ‘mature cheddar’ refers not only to delicious sandwiches but provides the perfect meeting ground for chatting with likeminded researchers. I’ve met many interesting people, debated innovations and sparked new friendships, all over the tasty lunches provided.

I am very much looking forward to the thought-provoking content, innovative learnings and ‘old cheese’, but mostly looking forward to seeing you all there!

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