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Growing the Industry by Funding More Research: Part Three (Understanding YouTube)

Collaborata is the first platform that crowdfunds research, saving clients upwards of 90% on each project. We've asked Collaborata to feature projects they are currently funding on their crowdsourcing platform.

By Peter Zollo

Editor’s Note: Welcome to our third post featuring two projects currently offered on Collaborata, the market-research marketplace. Like Collaborata, we believe in the idea of connecting clients and research providers to co-sponsor projects. We invite you to Collaborate!

Collaborata Featured Project #1:

“Understanding YouTube: Passive Data Tells the Real Story” youtube_zollo

Purpose: This groundbreaking research – made possible via passive data-collection technology – reveals who’s watching YouTube, how they’re watching, and what specifically they’re watching. These insights will empower brands and media companies to determine content preferences, audience profiling, marketing tactics, and creative strategies.

The Pitch: Finally your strategies for video advertising, content creation, and audience acquisition can be based on the most accurate, robust data available. Built from passively tracked data, “Understanding YouTube: Passive Data Tells the Real Story” unlocks who’s watching what on YouTube… and how! The data and resulting insights come from more than 4.5 million titles viewed on YouTube online and mobile, including in-app.

Until now, this data had not been offered to the industry. Only Luth Research, based on its proprietary ZQ Intelligence proprietary technology, collects passive video-viewership data. For the first time, Luth is offering the results as a “syndicated product” exclusively through Collaborata for immediate delivery.

Deliverables: A web-based dashboard with logins, which can be accessed anywhere, anytime. The reports are interactive with filters made available for demographic variables and timeframe. Users may drill down to their desired level of granularity.

Who’s Behind This: Luth Research, a full-service market research firm.

To watch a 60-second video about this study: click here

To purchase this study or for more info: click here or email [email protected]

Collaborata Featured Project #2:

“Are ‘Ad Preferences’ the Ad-Blocking Killer App?” zollo_2

Purpose: Setting “Ad Preferences” allows consumers the ability to control which advertising they’ll see online. This project will discover whether Ad Preferences are the Ad Blocking “killer app” or instead are a solution doomed to fail. Learn whether Ad Preferences are even on consumers’ radar screen. And, for those aware, discover how they experience, feel, and think about taking control of their Ad Preferences.

Pitch: Ad Blocking is killing online ad revenue. Facebook, Google, and others offer consumers the ability to control their Ad Preferences as an antidote to Ad Blocking.

This groundbreaking research will shed light on the promise of current Ad Preference tools. The results will quantify consumers’ awareness, impressions, barriers, and feelings about Ad Preferences. And, for Ad Preferences users, this study will measure their satisfaction with how well they believe the current tools are working for them.

Deliverables: Summary report; presentation deck; Debrief/consulting phone call with Dr. Bill Ratcliffe.

Who’s Behind This: This project is led by William (Bill) Ratcliffe, PhD, Adjunct Professor of Marketing and CEO of Collected Conscience. The project team includes Ask Your Target Market and includes use of the IIC2016 EU Innovations award-winning Heartbeat emotion-profiling tool.

To attend a webinar about this project: Click here

To become a co-sponsor or for more info: Click here or email [email protected]

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